Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5'/650B clincher MTB wheelset Centerlock/AFS Boost

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  • Red Fire 5

    The Enduro lays down some clear rules: the cyclist must be able to rely on solid and agile materials that are suitable for climbing and especially descending, when speed reaches its max and the terrain is varied, often very technical and sometimes with a number of crucial points that are unknown.
    This is an extremely selective discipline in which every single mechanical component is pushed to the limit for prolonged periods of time.

    Because of the tough conditions the wheels are required to perform in, Fulcrum's R&D department has chosen to create a Trail-Enduro wheel that's shorter and wider: the result is a stable, secure and fast support base.
    The rim has a 27C groove and uses its wide base to keep the tyre in shape even in the nastiest of bends, while the structure of the wheel offers optimum support thanks to its 28 straight head spokes that make the wheel more solid and reactive.

    There's no room for hesitation here, it's all about choosing the right line, placing your trust in the material and you're off.


    • Discipline: Trail / Enduro
    • Tyre type: 2 Way Fit Ready
    • Tyre size: 27,5"
    • Weight: 1890 g., Boost 1905 g.
    • Rim material: Aluminum
    • Rim material details: Aluminum
    • Rim height: Front and rear: 20 mm
    • Rim width: 32 mm, ETRTO 27C
    • Tyre width: From 2.0” to 2.5”
    • Braking system: Disc brake
    • Braking options: AFS
    • Front axle compatibility: QR/HH15 + Boost version
    • Rear axle compatibility: QR/HH12/XD + Boost version
    • Front wheel spokes: 28 Left 14 - Right 14
    • Rear wheel spokes: 28 Left 14 - Right 14
    • Spokes material: Stainless steel
    • Spokes profile technology: Rounded, straight pull
    • Nipples: Aluminum
    • Front hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
    • Rear hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
    • Bearings: Sealed cartridge bearings
    • Others: Aluminum Axle. One hub fits all.
    • XD Compatibility: Yes
    • WEIGHT LIMIT: 109 kg (Cyclist)

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    • Benjamin Warren 12/08/2018
      Nice rims, TERRIBLE hubs and accessories, DON'T BUY
      Wow...I don't even know where to start. I really regret buying these. There are three major flaws with these wheels, I wish I paid a bid bit more and bought a wheelset from a legit manufacturer.

      1. The front hubs are aren't capable with center lock. I had to file down my Shimano rotors just to fit over the hub.
      2. These wheels don't come ready for tubeless. The solution they provide is weak and a pain in the ass to install. They also don't provide the valves o stems.
      3. The rear hub is total garbage. I can't believe how bad it is. They claim you can modify it to accommodate any frame. How!? No hardware or instruction provided.They claim it's 135mm/142mm compatible yet provide no instructions on how to modify. Also, my rear hub locked up my first ride. I was so pissed I pulled the thing apart and discovered wire in the hub was broken. Terrible, weak design. I bought in the US and it's not worth my time/money to deal with this. AVOID at all cost.

    1 review for Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5'/650B clincher MTB wheelset Centerlock/AFS Boost with an rating of 1 points.
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