Formula 35 suspension fork 29er 15x100mm 28.6-40

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  • A state-of-the-art enduro fork

    The ThirtyFive is the result of years of development focused on one aim, achieving a definitive enduro suspension fork. The 35mm stanchions give exceptional stiffness to the ThirtyFive, although, at the same time, they do not compromise its weight, making the enduro fork the lightest on the market with 1790g.

    The innnovative Internal Floating Technology (IFT) gives the 35 a superb flow, which no stanchion treatment, alone, could ever equal. Thanks to the Compression Tuning System (CTS), this fork can be easily adjusted to personal preference, with extreme simplicity, for any rider. The Remote Cartridge Control (RCC) is not just a remote lockout, but also permits handlebar control of the fork compression, so it can adapt immediately to changes in riding terrain.

    No other fork is as smooth as the ThirtyFive, light like the ThirtyFive, can be personalised like the 35 while at the same time reliable and resistant like the 35 is. With this fork we have achieved the definitive weapon for modern mountain biking.

    Neopos is a technology that represents the next evolutionary step in air suspension, a cutting-edge innovation that will change your riding experience for the better. Neopos stands for “new positive”, a technology that improves the behavior of the fork’s positive air chamber. Using the Neopos the result will be a more constant, predictable and comfortable air suspension. Meaning, more like that of a coil spring suspension comfort.

    RCC - Remote Cartridge Control
    Remote Cartridge Control is an on-the-fly sytem that finely tunes the overall compression. In most of the forks, tuning options must be done on the fork itself or remotely by a mechanical cable rotating a knob. With our RCC, we took a completely different approach: a remote adjustment that becomes integrated into the cartridge. We give the riders the opportunity to adjust the overall compression on the trail, while riding, right from the cockpit. With RCC, the fine tuning of overall compression is controlled by 13 different positions, from fully open to locked out.

    IFT - Internal Floating Technology
    The IFT (Internal Floating Technology) is what truly differentiates our forks from any other fork. Smoothness is very important in terms of suspension performance. After many tests on stanchion coatings, we now know that they have a minimal effect on reducing friction. With the IFT we wanted to approach this aspect from a very different point of view. All forks, regardless of their stiffness, experience some kind of lateral stress while riding. This type of stress increases the friction of the internal parts. Thanks to Formula’s design, our hydraulic cartridge is structurally merged with the stanchions and lower legs. In a riding situation, our internals compensate for the external stresses placed on the fork. This causes an incredible reduction of friction.

    ILS - Integrated Locking System
    ILS (Integrated Locking System) completely improves the thru-axle design. The lever is easily removable for re-insertion at virtually any position. The ILS can be used on a rear axle that requires a tool for removal. On top of that, the ILS is designed to prevent overtightening of the front axle, making wheel removal quick and simple. For our weight freak friends, the ILS can be removed without affecting the functionality of the thru-axle.

    CTS - Compression Tuning System
    On our forks we have a wide range of compression adjustments. Low speed compression can be adjusted by simply rotating a knob. Where we pushed the technology forward is on the high speed compression. With our CTS (Compression Tuning System) we have 7 different kinds of valve heads. With this system, we can cover any kind of riding and this makes Formula forks highly customizable by any riders by using a simple tool that anyone can use in their own workshop.

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