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Fizik Cyrano R5 stem 7° 110mm

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  • The fizik Cyrano stem is designed to form the cockpit unit in conjunction with the Cyrano handlebar and Cyrano seatpost.

    It is made from a combination of Ergal and Anticorodal aluminum. Anticorodal is a 6061 series aluminum alloy with a high strength to density ratio. This material has the highest stiffness.

    Anticorodal also has good fatigue strength, which is especially important for cockpit components. Combined with the right choice of Cyrano handlebars, you get a high-performance, durable cockpit with the perfect ergonomics.

    • Material: aluminum anticorodal.
    • Head material: aluminum anticorodal
    • Bolt: stainless steel
    • Diameter: 31.8 mm
    • Angle: 7
    • Weight: 152 g (110 mm 7°)
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on order (delivery date unknown)