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Extralite OctaOne 1x11 / 1x10 chainring

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This item is crafted in Italy
  • Pased machined teeth kep the chain well aligned. 8mm and 6mm billet construction design optimizes chainline. Specifically angled teeth help the engagement with chain on 1 and 11 cog position.

    Cut some extra weight with the 4 integrated threaded sockets, assembling rerquires only 4 male chainring bolts. Lightweight performance chainrings for 1x11 (and 1x10 -1x9 setups too). Long lasting: all rings are firstly cnc'ed from Ergal 7075T6 billet sheet then hard anodized.

    Features & Information
    • Material: Ergal 7075T6
    • Construction: hyper accurate cnc
    • Specials: 4 integrated spacers and sockets
    • Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 104mm 4 bolts
    • Compatibility: 11 10 - 9 speed chains
    • Finishing: hard anodized
    • Graphics: laser etched

    • OctaOne 30T 28.5g
    • OctaOne 32T 29,5g
    • OctaOne 34T 32g
    • OctaOne 36T 34.9g
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1 - 2 weeks delivery time

1 - 2 weeks delivery time

1 - 2 weeks delivery time

1 - 2 weeks delivery time