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Extralite Hyper JR 32 L. black

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This item is crafted in Italy
  • Dimensions

    Spoke hole Ø: 2.5mm
    Disc flange drilling Ø: 55,6mm
    Center to left flange: 35mm
    Center to right flange: 23mm
    Right flange drilling Ø: 55,6mm

    You can count on beefy and properly-dimensioned bearings coupled with a highly engineered axle, body and parts. Wheel rotates on 2 main bearings (6903-2rs) that can handle 250kg each in the worst static condition.
    It took more than a year of continuous testing to develop and fine tune the HyperRear's fully-alloy front-engagement freewheel mechanism. This new device is able to manage extremely high torque values, offers 36 quick engagement positions for a precise feel and a minimal friction resistance.
    Wear and tear of freewheel parts is also higher than conventional pawl systems, however the wearable parts can be easily replaced.
    Micro-tuner: easy to set external bearing preload system integrates external Soft-Touch o-ring seals. Precise hub bearing setting ensures low bearing friction, durability and no play at the rim.

    Features & Information

    • Weight: 182g (32h-QR12-XD)
    • Material: special 7075TXX
    • Available Drillings: 32H or 28H
    • Internal sealing: 2xrs seals on each bearing
    • External sealing: Soft-Touch o-ring on both hub sides
    • Frame standards: 135 x 10mm or QR12 (142mm, 142+, X-12)
    • Micro-Tuner: easy to set external bearing preload system
    • Cassette standards: Shimano/Sram 8-9-10s or Sram XD-Drive (XX1)
    • Freewheel: Hyper engineered front engagement system, 36 engagement positions
    • Axle construction: multi-shaped, 17mm, rectifyed to micro tolerances
    • Bearings: heavy duty 2x17-30 + 2x17-26 2RS sealed cartridges
    • Finishing: "hart coat" sides, black anodized body
    • Graphics: laser etched
    • Optional: "HDC-Hybrid R" hybrid-ceramic bearings
  • Rate this product

    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Extralite Hyper JR 32 L. black with an average rating of 1/5 points.

    • horrible hub
      This thing is junk. Had it on my xc race bike for less than 40hrs of riding. Freehub body has failed me 3x already, chewed up the hub shell internals, left me stranded in the mtns. Zero response from the company, zero help with warranty/service help. I maintained it as per instructions with correct lube. Still didn't last more than 3 rides at a time.
         Chris Clark   
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