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eThirteen Helix Race cassette 9-46T. 11-speed nickel grey

110584 / 4710751508798 / FW2URA-113
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  • The HELIX R Cassette is an upgrade to any SRAM Eagle or Shimano drivetrain, with more range than any other cassette on the market. The 9 tooth cog lets you step down one chainring size while keeping the same top end gearing and provides not only better ground clearance, but an overall lighter drivetrain.

    • Compatibility: Works flawlessly with Shimano and SRAM 11s drivetrains, despite the challenges in designing for the different cog spacing and chain behavior.
    • Additionally, if your wheel has a SRAM XD Driver and you want to upgrade to Shimano 12s, you not only save money on the cassette and don’t have to spend the extra on a new hub driver.
    • Freehub Mount: XD and XDR Drivers Only
    • Material: 1 aluminum cogs, 10 steel cogs. PVD finishing on Intergalactic model is twice as durable.
    • Range: 511%
    • Size: 9-46T: 9,11,13,15,17,20,24,28,33,39,46
    • Speeds: 11 Speed
    • Weight: 370 Grams

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    Rate this product

    1 review for eThirteen Helix Race cassette 9-46T. 11-speed nickel grey with an rating of 5/5 point.

    • Great range, low weight.
      This cassette is the perfect combination of light weight and increased range over Shimano or sram versions and it has crisper shifting than the previous TRS models.
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IN STOCK (only 2 left in stock)