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DVO Jade Coil rear shock

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  • Jade Coil

    Intended Uses:
    • Enduro
    • DH

    World Cup Born – Rider Designed – Race Ready
    The Jade coil is our trusted and proven coil shock offering. This shock was born and developed on the world cup circuit and comes loaded with all the features necessary of a high end shock. Cooling fins and high flow pistons keep the shock running cool and consistent in the harshest conditions. High/Low speed compression and dynamic rebound allow you to tune the shock to your liking.

    • Damper: High and Low Speed Compression | Dynamic Rebound | Bladder Pressure Adjust
    • Spring Features: Coil Spring Preload | Option of our LS Spring (light steel) or regular steel spring

    Standard Sizes
    • 267x89 (10.5"x3.5")
    • 241x76 (9.5"x3")
    • 222x70 (8.75"x2.75")
    • 216x63 (8.5"x2.5")
    • 200x57 (7.875"x2.25")

    Metric Sizes
    • 250x75
    • 250x70
    • 230x65
    • 230x62.5
    • 230x60
    • 230x57.5
    • 210x55
    • 210x52.5
    • 210x50

    Trunnion Sizes
    • 225x75
    • 225x70
    • 205x65
    • 205x62.5
    • 205x60
    • 205x57.5
    • 185x55
    • 185x52.5
    • 185x50


    Loader Compression
    The entire compression assembly is housed in a small loader assembly for easy access to custom tuning. We understand that not all riders need the exact same range of compression and the ability to customize a shock to a particular riders needs is important. Removing the loader assembly gives a technician a quick and effective way to tune the shim stack to your exact needs.

    Cooling Fins
    Cooling fins on the reservoir keep the shock running cool and consistent in the harshest conditions. The small reductions in material allow heat to dissipate quicker to manage the build up of heat. The shock will retain compression and rebound damping for a longer amount of time offering ultimate performance on the roughest terrain.

    Adjustable Bladder
    Bladders are located in the reservoir of the rear shock and take the place of a traditional IFP or internal floating piston. They both have the same purpose but completely different ways of executing it. That purpose is to seperate the air from the oil. A bladder is basically a ballon which is filled with air and seated to the end cap. The bladder is filled with a high PSI to push back against the oil which creates pressure in the system. As the shock is compressed, oil flows through the the system and starts to compress the bladder.

    When the shock goes to extend again, the bladder pushes the oil back in the opposite direction. This decreases the chances of what’s called cavitation. Cavitation is when there is a gap in the oil caused from air bubbles and creates a temporary loss of damping. Here’s an example of cavitation. Picture turning on a hose, what happens as the water is pushing the air out of the line? Water intermittently shoots out in between gaps of air. This same situation happens in suspension causing a loss of damping.

    The real benefit of using a bladder over an IFP is when the shock is working dynamically or in “riding situations”. As the shock is compressing and rebounding at a high velocity, it can sometimes have a difficult time changing directions. An IFP usually has a moment of hesitation in that situation due to stiction between the outer O-ring and the inside surface of the reservoir. With a bladder that can’t happen and you get unmatched small bump sensitivity with a seamless transition from compression to rebound.

    LS Spring
    We now offer the LS (light steel) spring for the Jade Coil. This spring is made of high grade Japanese steel that saves close to a pound over a traditional steel spring. Our LS Spring retains it’s weight rating and integrity longer than any other light steel spring on the market.
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    Rate this product

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         Tiger Robenstone   
    • highly recommended
      great shock highly recommended
         Tiger Robenstone   
    • Highly recomend
      great shock
         Tiger Robenstone   
    • 1x DVO Jade Coil rear shock
    • Spring not included!
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