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DT Swiss M 1900 Spline Centerlock wheel 35mm 27.5'/650B

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  • M 1900 SPLINE 35

    Mountainbiking is constantly evolving. Modern bikes with more aggressive geometry have opened the door to higher speeds and uncompromising lines. The M 1900 SPLINE 35 has all the features you need to ride this way. The inner width of the tubeless rim is 35 mm and offers optimum grip for tires from 2.6". The sturdy rim is tensioned using 28 robust spokes in a lightweight straight pull hub. The M 1900 SPLINE 35 will have you riding radical new lines.

    Product details
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Inner width: 35 mm
    • Outer width: 40 mm
    • Rim type: Clincher
    • Decal type: Hub vinyl / Rim waterslide
    • Hub type: 370
    • Spokes: DT champion straightpull
    • Nipples: DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
    • Rim diameter: 584 mm (27.5" / 650B)
    • Brake interface: Disc Center Lock
    • Spoke pattern: 3-cross (1:1)
    • recommended system weight max.: 120 kg
    • ASTM classification: 4
    • Inclusive: Tubeless tape 37 mm, Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm, IS 6-bolt adapter MTB

    Axle system15 mm Thru axle15 mm Thru axle12 mm Thru axle12 mm Thru axle12 mm Thru axle12 mm Thru axle
    Built-in dimension100 mm110 mm Boost142 mm142 mm148 mm Boost148 mm Boost
    Net weight928 g935 g1050 g1068 g1056 g1073 g
    Freehub body--SRAM XD MTB Alu/Steel (ASSRAM)Shimano Alu/Steel (ASS)SRAM XD MTB Alu/Steel (ASSRAM)Shimano Alu/Steel (ASS)
    Freehub system--3 pawl3 pawl3 pawl3 pawl

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    • 1x M 1900 Spline 35mm 27.5'/650B Wheel
    • Incl. Tubeless tape 37mm
    • Incl. Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm
    • Incl. IS 6-Bolt Adapter MTB
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