DT Swiss ER 1600 Spline disc road wheel 32mm

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    Riders known for being hard on their wheels, for not avoiding potholes and for outsprinting people in full pro kit on their way to do the groceries should take a close look at the ER 1600 SPLINE 32. A high-end welded aluminum rim with a huge cross section laced to wide aero spokes leave you with nothing left to desire. And don't be fooled by the classy looks and a silky smooth Ratchet System hub, because the ER 1600 SPLINE 32 really is all about hard riding and reacting to power coming from the strongest calves.

    Weight per set: 1767 g

    Product details

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Brake interface: Disc Center Lock
    • Rim type: Clincher
    • Rim diameter: 622 mm (29" / 700C)
    • Rim height: 32 mm
    • Decal type: Waterslide
    • Inner width: 20 mm
    • Outer width: 24 mm
    • Hub type: 350
    • Nipples: DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
    • Axle system: 12 mm Thru axle
    • Spokes: DT aero comp straightpull
    • Recommended system weight max.: 130 kg
    • ASTM classification: 2


    • Built-in dimension: 100mm
    • Net weight: 819g
    • Lacing: 24 x 2-cross
    • Inclusive: TL tape 23 mm, TL valve MTB+road 40 mm, IS 6-bolt adapter Road, 5 mm Endcap Kit, 15 mm endcap kit


    • Built-in dimension: 142mm
    • Net weight: 948g
    • Freehub body: Shim. RD. 11SP FORGED (ASF11)
    • Freehub system: Ratchet System 18
    • Lacing: 24 x 2-cross
    • Inclusive: TL tape 23 mm, TL valve MTB+road 40 mm, IS 6-bolt adapter Road, 5 mm Endcap Kit


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    • J Francis 03/11/2017
      Outstanding value.
      Lots of people are buying gravel/cross bikes as do it all bikes and need a set of road wheels. I have the prior model, R32 DB under the old naming scheme. I don't understand the functional difference between the P 1800 and ER 1600 except for the hub on the current model. Aside from that, these are AMAZING for the price. 1) There isn't another mass market sub-$500 rim anywhere near 32mm deep. You're not going to find anything with the aero advantage these have until you hit $900 . 2) They are tough! I've destroyed plenty of other wheels under by 85kgs. These have been perfect - not a loose spoke, none of the bladed spokes have turned over a hard year. They are rated by DT Swiss for 120-130kg and 6" off road drops! 3) DT swiss includes adapters for everything. QR, TA, tubeless, and 6bolt. Keep them or recover $50-100 on ebay. Downsides: 1) the 32mm high profile can be 'active' in cross winds. They'll 2-3inch sideways with a strong gust. 2) the prior model, the R32, was a bit narrow for 25c tires, these are 2-3mm wider so the tires should have less of a light bulb profile and may be better in crosswinds as the V is reduced.

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