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DT Swiss upgrade kit for Star Ratchet hubs

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  • DT Swiss upgrade kit for Star Ratchet hubs

    The standard DT Swiss Star-Ratchet hubs are fitted with 18T sprockets!

    This upgrade kit allows for twice as fast engagement compared to the standard ratchets. The extra machining also makes them a couple grams lighter. If run with little grease, this kit will create a louder freewheel sound every time you leave the ground.

    Compatible with DT Swiss Star-Ratchet hubs: 180, 240s, 340, 350, 540.

    DT Swiss hubs & whees conversion kits

    Extensive information regarding compatibility and conversion options for DT Swiss hubs can be found on the following website:

    Products from DT Swiss cannot be sold to the United States anymore.
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    Rate this product

    2 reviews for DT Swiss upgrade kit for Star Ratchet hubs with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • advantage, update
      This ítem is a update ideal for more speed in curve or technique área, because you can take advantage of pedaling better.
    • Fantastic upgrade
      The wheel engagement when riding with a star ratchet is
      outstanding, with a very positive feel. The ratchet
      mechanism is louder than most hubs when freewheeling, this
      can be a nice buzzing sound but for some it could be an
      irritant, just a warning. Another plus is that the star
      ratchet mechanism is very easy to service and clean with a
      little grease and no tool in 5 minutes.

         Adam Smith   
    • DT Swiss upgrade kit for Star Ratchet hubs
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