DT Swiss 240s rear hub rim brake J-bend 5/130mm 24H Shimano 11-speed

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  • Swiss precision engineering, machining and assembly together with clever detail solutions have made of the 240 what it is today: A legend. Featuring the latest refinements the 240 hubs are extremely lightweight and extremely durable. The Ratchet System is the best solution for a freewheel system, since it can transfer high loads while being super light. Just what athletes want: Perfect transmission of their power and the reliability allowing them to focus on the ride.

    • Material Aluminum
    • Net weight 124 - 357 g
    • Number of holes 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36

    Axle system5 mm quick release5 mm quick release
    Built-in dimension130 mm130 mm
    Brake interfaceNon discNon disc
    Freehub systemRatchet System 18 SLRatchet System 18 SL
    Freehub bodyCampagnolo (AC)Shim. RD. 11SP LIGHT (ASL11)

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    • Isaac Pereira Loureiro 27/12/2019
      Reliable and smooth
      Wonderful hub in construction and operation. The J-bend road model, besides the ratchet system, has nothing revolutionary or innovative, the construction is very common and simple, but PERFECT. This makes it reliable, robust, easy to maintain, and in perfect working order.

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  • Attachements
    DT Swiss hubs manualinstruction manual
    540.96 KB
    DT Swiss ratchet manualinstruction manual
    2.25 MB
    Factory number:H240HRQIR24SA3226S
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