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Deda Vinci Shallow carbon bar polish on black

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  • Vinci Shallow

    Vinci Shallow is a new shape option of Deda latest carbon handlebar:
    Developed by Deda Servizio Corse together with Team mechanics and riders.
    The classic handlebar by definition, Shallow or Italian shape has written the story of this fantastic sport.
    Super Shallow shape is the evolution of classic one, to optimize comfort and minimize the effort during sprints.

    • Shape: Super Shallow
    • Material: UD carbon construction
    • Handlebar diameter: 31.7 mm
    • Reach: 75 mm
    • Drop: 125 mm
    • Handlebar sizes (outside to outside) cm: 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm
    • Handlebar Weight (42 cm): 225 g
    • Finish: polish on black
    • Note: Compatible with full internal cables routing (up to 4 cables)

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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Deda Vinci Shallow carbon bar polish on black with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • Classic bar with a modern take
      If you are a fan of traditional shape bar but want a modern take on it, this is it. Don't think of it as an aero bar as it's not really that aero, but it is very very comfortable. Deda took advantage of the carbon shaping process and made the top section very easy to hold. There is also removeable section which allows aero clip-on bars. For the drops, there is some flex which provide good vibration absorption. not the lightest, but very light compared to the rest of the tradition shape drop bar (3T ones have been discontinued, so i dont think they are widely available anymore.) im so glad Deda decide to offer this in Vinci combo.
    • Incl. Handlebar Foils
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