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Continental Mud King

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  • Continental Mud King - Let's get dirty!

    When other tires reach their limit, the new Mud King goes well beyond.
    The moment of truth for the Mud King 1.8 comes when the skies open and XC racers are left to make their way through the toughest conditions of all – thick, slippery-yet sticky mud.

    Using the wrong tires in the rain is like trading your bike for a saucer sled – no control! The new Mud King turns the gnarliest muddy downhill into a royal pleasure.
    Its aggressive spike design grips ruthlessly, even in the deepest, slickest swill and exceptional shedding capabilities keep the tread open and biting top to bottom. A 2.3 profile leaves ample room for tires, mud and your frame, and a beefy, dualply casing reinforced with Apex, keeps those invisible rocks from stopping your run.

    Mud tires must knife to the bottom finding firm ground for traction, yet be able to shed the excess with every spin of the wheel – the Mud King 1.8 profile and aggressive ‘spike’ pattern does exactly this.

    ProTection - reliability in all conditions!

    What lies beneath these heinous conditions is equally menacing and the new ProTection casing offers excellent puncture resistance against that which cannot be seen.

    26x1.8 (47-559) 700 g
    26x2.3 (57-559) 1100 g
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