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Challenge Strada HTLR clincher tire

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  • Just the right choice to leave gravel roads and bad roads quickly and safely behind. A good tire for gravel races.

    Range of use:

    World class tire: rolls fast and provides comfort on pavement, dirt and gravel.


    Pro Handmade Tubeless Ready with Superpoly casing.

    Handmade tires combine a variety of outstanding features to provide the highest comfort and lowest rolling resistance. Carefully selected materials are used depending on use performance requirements in the various tire levels. Soft, supple carcasses quickly adapt to the shape of the ground when rolling and cornering. This increases ground contact and grip and improves shock absorption on poor road surfaces. Soft, natural rubber treads are combined with lightweight, flexible puncture protection.
    Polyester is the least expensive of all handmade carcasses. It is a synthetic fabric that is very strong and impervious to water, offering much more flexibility and durability than comparable nylon materials. Challenge uses high quality polyester or SuperPoly (higher TPI polyester) to produce cost effective pro-level tires.


    Perfectly suited for use with tubeless systems: No tube, strong puncture protection and high efficiency.

    Handmade natural rubber - different hardness levels.

    Challenge's handcrafted natural rubber treads are compounded to provide the perfect level of durability without sacrificing performance, comfort and control. Challenge tires wear out 10-20% faster than the competition, but score with significantly improved performance and noticeably better feel throughout their life. Depending on the requirements, the tires are equipped with different soft rubber compounds.
    The Smart hardness grade is the long-life optimized version of Challenge's natural rubber compounds (36-622).
    The SMARTplus compound is a slightly harder natural rubber compound specially designed for high mileage. The formulation effectively reduces wear, making the tire even more resistant and enduring (40-622).

    Puncture Protection System 2 (PPS2)(36-622)

    Some tires designed for use on rough roads, cobblestones and gravel are equipped with PPS2 (Puncture Protection System 2). In addition to the normal PPS protective layer between the tread and carcass, these offer unrivaled puncture protection due to an additional PPS fabric layer between the carcass and tube.

    Ganzo Puncture Protection System PPS GANZO (40-622)

    The Ganzo Puncture Protection System is a highly flexible, even more tightly woven multi-component puncture protection, which is incorporated between the tread and the carcass. The Ganzo PPS makes the tire lighter, even more puncture resistant and retains the supple, comfortable character of Challenge tires.
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days