CeramicSpeed rear derailleur pulley

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  • Pulley Wheels

    CeramicSpeed pulley wheels are designed to guide the chain in its ideal line, performing smooth and precise shifting. Delivering lower friction and a 3-5 longer lifetime, compared to other high-end stock pulley wheels, the CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels benefit you with less drag on your energy.

    CeramicSpeed has been one of the leading manufacturers of high performance bearings for the cycling industry since 2000, when the founder of CeramicSpeed introduced ceramic bearings for use in cycling disciplines. CeramicSpeed was founded in 2004 to meet the growing demand for high performance ceramic bearings and supply the assortment of bearings used in different cycling disciplines.

    We take a no compromise approach to quality when developing CeramicSpeed bearings. You will feel the difference this makes when you ride with CeramicSpeed bearings.

    • You achieve the lowest possible friction
    • CeramicSpeed bearings have a longevity 3-5 times higher than the steel bearings normally used in the cycling industry
    • The unique qualities of our bearings save you energy and increase your performance

    Today CeramicSpeed bearings are used in high-end bikes, produced by some of the largest bike and component manufacturers in the world. Our bearings are also directly available to cyclists through our extensive distributor network, which makes our products available in more than 25 countries. Our aim is to provide the market with the best high performance products in the cycling industry. Therefore, to improve your bike experience even further, we have expanded our product range with the World’s fastest chain, CeramicSpeed UFO Chain.

    • Save 10-16 watts with a complete CeramicSpeed upgrade
    • Save 6 to 9 watts with a standard CeramicSpeed bearing upgrade
    • Save at least 2.4 watts further with the OSPW System

    CeramicSpeed bearings are handmade in Denmark

    All CeramicSpeed bearings are assembled by hand in Denmark, under dust-free and clean room conditions. All the parts we use in our bearings are carefully selected for their quality, and are individually checked prior to assembly. Assembling CeramicSpeed bearings by hand means that we can monitor the quality continuously, throughout the process, ensuring that all parts are perfectly matched, and that every single bearing meets our exacting standards.
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