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Campagnolo Ekar Ergopower 1x13-speed

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  • Ekar Ergopower Controls

    Weight: 420g / Pair

    For Ekar, we have made detailed gravel-orientated modifications to the popular and ergonomic Campagnolo Ergopowers control levers, and retained the inherent design of the system because of its renowned precision, and comfort with the Vari-Cushion hood. With differentiated levers you’ll never get a wrong shift – even in the tough environment of off-road riding and racing,Campagnolo’s tried and tested One-Lever-One-Action philosophy ensures no-confusion control.

    Lever 3 is redesigned, with a larger C-shape, easy to reach with your right thumb while riding on the tops – the most often-used hand positions for gravel riders. Ekar Ergopower levers feature reach regulation adjustments, to fit your hand and finger size and suit the demands of your riding style. To further enhance control in gravel riding, Ekar Ergopowers' aluminum lever blade and controls’ surface coating finish is laser-cut with additional texture to increase your grip, whatever the conditions. The lasered pattern is also resistant to wear from sweat, dirt and cleaning agents – a gravel-proof solution. The internal Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 13-speed rear derailleur, enabling you to up-shift by up to 3 sprockets in a single movement. The security of single downshifts is ideally suited to gravel riding on slippery, undulating and unpredictable surfaces.

    Features & Benefits

    Comfortable support - Vari-Cushion hood provides comfortable, safe grip in any riding position and any off-road conditions

    Precise, quick shifting – One-Lever-One-Action and positive engagement with the efficient 1x13-speed Ekar drivetrain means a perfect change every time

    New Lever 3 design – easy to activate from the tops

    Enhanced grip – additional laser-cut texture on lever blades and controls is sweat- and wear-resistant

    Multiple action – up-shift 3 gears with Ultra-Shift

    Ergonomic adjustable reach – to suit any hand or finger size

    Caliper Ekar

    Weight: front: 110g (incl. adapter). Rear: 95g

    As with Ekar's Ergopower controls, the other elements of its disc braking system are developments of proven Campagnolo designs – faithful to our philosophy of continuous improvement, high performance and Italian style. The Ekar brake system’s internal hydraulics are shared with other Campagnolo high-performing calipers, using mineral oil and delivering the advanced modulation and distinctive feedback feel that works so well on the road… and works even better when you take to the gravel!

    Ekar's caliper has a fresh new design and finish, to coordinate with the gravel groupset’s other components. The DB310 pads – also compatible with other Campagnolo disc brakes – have a unique organic compound that not only help produce high braking performance but also deliver improved wear resistance: important in the tough world of gravel riding and racing, in wet or dry conditions.

    Features & Benefits

    Hydraulic system’s internals are shared with Campagnolo’s high-performance ranges – for proven performance

    Trusted modulation and progressive feel – perfect for all-road control

    DB310 pads unique organic compound – high braking performance & improved wear resistance in wet or dry conditions

    Strong, durable & light

    EP21-EKD13L4 - Mechanical brake lever (no shifting!) , hydraulic brake, for 140mm rotor, incl. housings, incl. EKAR Flat Mount brake caliper without brake rotor, without flat mount adapter.

    Front flat mount adapter must be ordered separately: AC18-DBCNF4

    EP21-EKD13R4 - Mechanical shifter, hydraulic brake, for 140mm rotor, incl. housings, incl. EKAR Flat Mount brake caliper without brake rotor, without flat mount adapter.

    Rear 160mm rotor flat mount adapter must be ordered separately: AC18-DBADR6

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    • 1x Campagnolo Ekar Ergopower 1x13-speed
    • 1x Campagnolo Ekar Brake Caliper
    • Incl. Brake hose (filled)
    • Incl. DB310 Brake pads
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days