Campagnolo Chorus 2/12-speed groupset road disc Flatmount

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  • Chorus Disc Brake

    New Chorus DB 12-speed groupset: the Campagnolo product that combines racing performance with the needs of Endurance.

    Designed for unforgettable outings where the entire day is spent in the saddle, the specific combinations of the Chorus 2x12 make it a versatile, simple and high performance groupset, however it's used: from Granfondo rides to adventurous Sunday spins to quick blasts on the bike after work.

    The new Chorus DB groupset is launched on the market to expand the range of innovative technological solutions already provided by 12-speed groupsets. The new Chorus DB 12-speed groupset is available with the specific 48/32 and 11-34 combinations, suitable for those who spend hours and hours on the saddle on mixed terrain, while maintaining the racing performance guaranteed by every Campagnolo groupset. As per tradition, the use of different materials and consequent little additional weight, together with a rear derailleur redesigned to house larger cassettes are the main elements that make this new Chorus 12-speed different from the Super Record 12-speed and Record 12-speed groupsets

    Chorus Ergopower Disc Brake Controls

    Weight: 488g

    Comfortable support
    The controls offer good, safe grip when standing pedaling or when leaning high on the handlebars.

    Quick shifting
    When the chain engages immediately, the front and rear derailleurs can be actioned with minimum effort and in any position on the handlebars.

    An unexpected climb, a sudden sprint: instantly finding the right combination takes no time at all thanks to the multiple action guaranteed by Ultra-Shift technology.

    Shaped cushioning and an adjustable reach make these controls perfect for any cyclist, regardless of hand or finger size

    Campagnolo brake calipers

    • Combinations: 160 mm front, 160 mm rear, 140 mm rear
    • Weight: 118g (140 mm, pads included)

    Standard Flat Mount
    Fully compatible with flat-mount frames.

    22 mm pistons in phenolic resin
    Braking force and thermal isolation.

    Magnetic piston-calliper connector
    Pads return to position rapidly, guaranteeing an overall gap between the pad and disc of 0.4-0.6 mm and zero risk of accidental contact.

    Interchangeable spare parts: pads, cylinder, screws, bolts (same for all callipers)
    Fully compatible and optimised spare parts, making maintenance practical and reducing the number of components to keep on hand in the warehouse.

    Wear indicator
    It is very easy to see when the pads need to be replaced.

    Rounded brake pads
    These facilitate disc insertion and speed up wheel changing.

    Anti-vibration plate
    Optimal braking without vibrations.

    Two fixing screws
    Rapid installation and maintenance.

    Chorus Rear Derailleur

    Weight: 220g

    Constant precision
    On rough roads, the spring positioned between the upper body and the pivot absorbs the vibrations, ensuring the chain always rests properly on the sprockets.

    The pulley wheels on the 12-tooth derailleur cage allow the chain to move more smoothly. The initial position of the rear derailleur can be adjusted to suit any cassette.

    Easy wheel replacement.
    The rear derailleur is positioned further back, making it easier to slide the wheel out and replace it.

    Chorus Front Derailleur

    Weight: 87g

    Upper semi-rod not connected to the lower one.
    More effective precise movement and no contact with travel limit.

    Cage designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations.
    The derailleur stops transmission contact and friction.

    Ideal for wider tires.
    32 mm section tires can be mounted without the risk of contact with the derailleur.

    Design optimized for inner cage
    It precisely accompanies the chain onto the large chainring

    Double-position fixing of the cable
    Maximum compatibility with frames and tires.

    Optimized position for every engaged sprocket
    No risk of contact with the chain.

    Chorus Crankset 12x2 Speed

    • Lengths: 165, 170, 172,5, 175 mm
    • Combinations: 32/48, 34/50, 36/52
    • Weight: 728g (172.5 version with 32/48)

    The Q Factor remains the same (145.5)
    The widths and biodynamics of the stroke are the same.

    Unidirectional carbon fiber cranks, steel axle and aluminum chainrings.
    Good stiffness and optimum power transmission.

    Symmetrical teeth on the internal chainring
    Fluid, precise transmission, even with extreme cross-chaining.

    Optimized design for any chainring combination
    Maximum performance, always

    Double ring of bolts
    Assembly of the large chainring on the crank is guaranteed by a ring of 123 mm bolts, while the two chainrings are coupled together by a ring of 96 mm bolts.

    Surface treatment of the chainrings for longer life

    Chorus 12 Speed sprockets

    • Combinations: 11-29, 11-32, 11-34
    • Weight: 310g (11-29 version)

    Same width as the 11-speed cassette
    Totally compatible with wheels and frames.

    The two bigger sets of three in a single-block piece
    It eliminates energy dispersion.

    Surface treatment
    It increases durability and improves smoothness.

    Same-thickness spacers
    Ensures error-free fitting.

    Three specifications available
    It increases the range of action thanks to a complete assortment of gear inch ratios: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-26-29 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-22-25-28-32 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-22-25-29-34

    25-29-34 set of three available as a spare part
    Can be updated from the 11-32 cassette

    Chorus 12 Speed Chain

    Weight: 243g (110 links)

    Width from 5.15 mm
    Faster lighter shiftiing

    Extremely high performance levels and durability over time

    Pins aligned with the external surface
    Smoothness and precision

    Unchanged resistance to wear and tear
    A lighter, narrower chain than the 11-speed, but just as durable

    Optimized design
    Optimum performance in line with the design of the teeth on the sprockets and crowns

    Ultra-link System
    Top-level smoothness and less dispersion.

    Campagnolo Rotor
    • Combinations: 160mm, 140mm
    • Weight: 99 g (140 mm)

    Compatible with cl/afs hubs

    Rounded external edge

    Two dimensions available: 140 mm (99 G) and 160 mm (120 G)

    High heat resistance

    Different quantity of spokes per each dimension

    Rivet connection engineered to attain safe distance between Rotor and caliper, promoting efficient cooling under stress
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