Busch und Müller Lumotec IQ-X E LED E-Bike front light 150 Lux black

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  • IQ-X E

    • 150 Lux
    • Suitable for 6-60 V DC supply
    • Extensive beam pattern
    • Close range light
    • Daytime running light
    • Requires at least 7.5 W nominal output of the drive system's light connection

    Part no. : 164R60TS7-01

    Example for 150 Lux illumination: ____Test photo
    A deciding factor for the quality of a headlight is the field of light that is created on the road. Its depth, width, intensity, homogeneity and exact light/dark boundary provide the overall picture. We show real light fields of all of our headlights.

    Find out more about the IQ Technology!
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    Factory number:164R60TS7-01
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