Busch und Müller Ixon Pure + IX-Post (set) incl. batteries and charger

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  • PURE

    LED-battery light with Best Lens technology

    Good beam, with light at close range. A surrounding rubber edge protects from shocks and serves as an anti-glare protection for the cyclist when riding out of the saddle. Lateral light emission: improved visibility for other traffic participants.

    Charged via micro USB port (charger and cable included).

    • Ixon Series
    • 30 Lux
    • Light at close range
    • Battery level indicator
    • Splashand rainwater-proof
    • Approved by German road traffic regulations
    • High Power mode: 30 Lux (5 hours)
    • Low Power mode: 10 Lux (15 hours)
    • Suits Handlebar diameters from 22 to 35mm

    Part no. : 194LA

    Example for 30 Lux illumination: ____Test photo
    A deciding factor for the quality of a headlight is the field of light that is created on the road. Its depth, width, intensity, homogeneity and exact light/dark boundary provide the overall picture. We show real light fields of all of our headlights.

    Find out more about the IQ Technology!


    Entry-level Battery rear-light

    Shines approx. 30 hours (with non-rechargeable batteries). Enclosed in rubber casing. With indication LED.

    LED battery-powered rear light. For 2 (rechargeable) AAA batteries. 65 mm tall, 43 mm wide. Weight (incl. battery and mount): 68 g.

    • Ix Series
    • Battery level indicator
    • Approved by German road traffic regulations
    • Seat post assembly
    • Run time: 30 Hours
    • Seat post mounted

    Part no. : 384
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    User's Manualinstruction manual
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    Factory number:194LA/384-00
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