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Busch und Müller IQ Fly Premium RT Senso Plus front light 60 Lux

71109 / 4006021009387 / 1742QRTSNDI-04 / 2018
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    Elegance with IQ-technology

    The headlight’s range can easily be adjusted by tilting the Fly’s head – it clicks firmly into the chosen position! Mounting bracket and crew made of stainless steel, rear switch.

    This premium version presents a very bright, wide and even extensive beam pattern with 80 Lux. The version offering maximum safety. With daytime running light LICHT24: Six additional signalling LEDs shine beneath the main IQ LED. The standlight function is fulfilled by two signalling LEDs.

    • Lumotec Series
    • 60 Lux
    • Extensive light field
    • Daytime running light
    • Light at close range
    • Sensor automatic
    • Standlight
    • Switch ON/OFF
    • front reflector

    Part no. : 1742QRTSNDI

    Example for 60 Lux illumination: ____Test photo
    A deciding factor for the quality of a headlight is the field of light that is created on the road. Its depth, width, intensity, homogeneity and exact light/dark boundary provide the overall picture. We show real light fields of all of our headlights.

    Find out more about the IQ Technology!
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    • 1 x IQ Fly Premium RT Senso Plus
    • 1 x Bracket
    • Twin cable long (dynamo)
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