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  • The Busch & Müller LUXOS is the first LUMOTEC with IQ2 technology. Humongous power. New features. Never before the lust for light was so intense.

    Near range panorama lightxx
    90 Lux floodlightx
    Handlebar switchxx
    Cache batteryxx
    USB charging optionxx
    LICHT24 daytime lightxxx
    Parking lightxxx
    Sensor automaticxxx
    Rear light monitoringxx
    two power levels 60/140 Luxx

    IQ2 technology
    Busch & Müller pushes the envelope for LED lights with its new lamp and reflector design: 70 Lux (E-Bike version 140 Lux), a beam twice as wide than before and maximum homogeneity. A new dimension for dynamo-powered lights – so wide, so far, so impeccable bright.

    Panorama nearfield light
    Excellent and wider than ever: straight in front of your bike and even beside the bike beyond the edges of the road.
    Technology: additional special LEDs, electronically controlled.[/td][/tr][/table][table][tr][td]Floodlight
    The full power of all light sources. Ideal for difficult conditions in deepest darkness. Switcheable by the push of a button. Works to flash the light during the day or as full light while standing.

    USB charging option (179U/179E)
    An USB receptacle is integrated into the handlebar switch. Charges mobile devices via USB (mobile phone, GPS receiver, MP3 players) with USB power. The cache battery inside the lamp (see below) provides constant charging power.

    Handlebar switch (179U/179E)
    Now you can control your light directly. All important light functions can be switched at your handlebar: On/Off, floodlight, flash the light, etc.

    Integrated Lithium cache battery (179U/179E)
    This additional power storage is used for power peaks and for the charging current. It charges itself while you ride. The charging condition is displayed by an LED on the handlebar switch.

    LICHT24. The daytime light
    Signal LEDs that shine towards the front. The sensor automatic switches to maximum daytime light when it's bright and to maximum driving light when it's dark.

    Automatically. The special LEDs are optimised so that other road users notice you. Can be disabled by the handlebar switch.

    Rear light monitoring (179U/179E)
    A control LED indicates if an installed rear light works.

    With clip-on front reflector.
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    • Andrew Black 03/03/2017
      Great value for a great light, but an ugly package.
      This is a great light. It comes with a great mount. The old "plug in" style had some water penetration issues, but B&M have solved these by switching to integrated moulded cables.

      This is the kind of light you want for night riding on unlit roads. It's superb. There are slightly better lights out there now, but this is still one of the best. What makes it unique, though, is the integrated USB plug-in and cache battery. Many USB charging devices by themselves are more expensive than this light, which includes the charging capability. Using a shutter precision hub on my Bike Friday (ISO-451 wheels), I was able to run the light AND keep by iPhone 6S charged while using it for navigation. (My taillight was battery-powered, though).

      Negatives? It's ugly, and comes only in black. There are lots of wires ? sort of inevitable, though. The handlebar push-button is hard to press with gloves on. The USB plug itself is on a dongle, which you have to remember to bring with you, and not loose. But there is a reason for this: USB plugs are not waterproof! The dongle attaches to the push-button with a co-axial plug inside a screw-together plastic casing, and there is a cap to cover the casing when it's not attached. When capped, you can ride in heavy rain without fear.

    • Chris Errico 04/10/2017
      All you could want in a dynamo headlight!
      I love this light! I have used this light extensively in brevets, while commuting, and just riding in general. It is super bright, bright enough for fast descents on rough back roads. The switch on the handlebar is very convenient and much safer than reaching down to turn the light on while riding. And having the USB charger is such a great thing for longer brevets or that commute home when you realize that you forgot to charge your phone during the day...

      If you are on the fence about setting up a dynamo lighting system on your bike, I say go for it! It adds a bit of weight, but the peace of mind that you'll have knowing your lights will never die in the dark is worth it!

    • R. Dunn 30/06/2018
      Poor Quality
      Not water proof, after 4 months of use it stopped working because of water ingress. Not covered under warranty.

    Altogether 3 reviews for Busch & Müller LUMOTEC IQ2 LUXOS U with an average rating of 4 points.
    Factory number:179U
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