Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Cyo

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  • Clear glass version without reflector (60 lux)

    Version with reflector (40 lux)

    Aluminium look (only 175QCSNDi and 175QRCSNDi)

    Lumotec IQ Cyo T senso plus (175QTSNDi)
    60 lux mit Licht24-Tagfahrlicht

    Lumotec IQ Cyo RT senso plus (175QRTSNDi)
    40 lux (integrierter Reflektor) - mit Licht24-Tagfahrlicht

    • Turn-switch, ergonomically integrated
    • Small dimensions: 52 mm diameter, 66 mm side length (incl. reflector)
    • Intelligent design: Aluminium cooler with air vents
    • Capacitor standlight, can be switched off
    • Integrated reflector (only 175QRDi/175QRNDi/175QRSNDi/175QRCSNDi)
    • Weight: ca. 100 g

    Versions with an "N" in the product code are meant for hub dynamos, while versions without an "N" are for regular tyre driven dynamos.

    Cyo IQ Premium
    IQ-TEC was the revolution for bicycle headlights. Here comes IQ-TEC Premium. The Lux value is raised by 20 or 40 Lux, depending on headlight type. The result is always a quantum leap into a new dimension. The “carpet of light” is twice as wide, incredibly homogenous and has brilliant light at close range. Cycling in the dark – no matter how fast – is pure pleasure with the new Extensive Light Field.

    • Dynamo powered headlight
    • With light at close range
    • Sensor automatic.
    • Standlight
    • Approved by German road traffic regulations
    • Daytime running light LICHT24 optional
    • With integrated refl ector: 60 Lux
    • Without reflector: 80 Lux
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