Busch & Müller IX-Post LED-rear light

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  • LED battery-powered rear light. For 2 (rechargeable) AAA batteries.

    Shines approx. 30 hours (with non-rechargeable batteries). Enclosed in rubber casing. With indication LED. 65 mm tall, 43 mm wide.

    Weight (incl. battery and mount): 68 g. Approved by German road traffic regulations.
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    • George Coggeshall 18/11/2017
      Good light, great price!!!
      These lights are a must have for commuters. Extra visibility is essential to safe riding. The only drawback is it isn't rechargeable, but you could add your own rechargeable batteries.

    1 review for Busch & Müller IX-Post LED-rear light with an rating of 4 points.
    Factory number:384-00
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