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Dr. Wack is a German manufacturer of bike care products. They offer a wide range of products including cleaning agents, lubricants, and maintenance products for both the bike and its components. Dr. Wack products are well-known for their high quality, and are used by professional bike mechanics and amateur riders alike.

One of Dr. Wack's most popular products is their line of cleaning agents, which are designed to effectively clean and maintain a wide range of bike materials, including aluminum, steel, carbon, and plastic. These cleaning agents are biodegradable, non-toxic and pH-neutral, making them safe for use on all types of bike surfaces.

Dr. Wack also offers a range of lubricants, which are designed to provide long-lasting lubrication and protection for bike components such as chains, derailleurs, and suspension systems. These lubricants are formulated to withstand the harsh conditions of off-road riding and are resistant to water and dirt.

In addition to cleaning and lubricating products, Dr. Wack also offers a range of maintenance products such as brake fluid, chain lubricant and assembly paste, which are designed to keep your bike running smoothly and prolong the life of its components.

Dr. Wack also provides a range of products for the care of e-bikes and pedelecs, which are designed to clean and maintain the drive unit, battery, and other electronic components of these bikes.

In summary, Dr. Wack is a reputable German manufacturer of high-quality bike care products, known for their effective cleaning agents, lubricants, and maintenance products. Their products are safe and easy to use, and are suitable for all types of bikes and riding conditions.