BikeShield Fullpack oversized matte

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  • Bikeshield is completely transparent and is the ultimate protection for your bike! Bikeshield keeps the bike looks and resale value. We have developed a number of Bikeshield products for most vulnerable surfaces of your bike. Bikeshield is easy to install and protects your bike from scuff marks and paint damage.

    Your bike will look new after years of use with Bikeshield. Bikeshield is used by cyclists, rental companies and manufacturers of bicycles. Bikeshield is also great for everyday cyclists who do not want to change bikes very often.

    Bikeshield protects your bike
    Works great for children's bikes and is almost a must when children are not as diligent with their bikes, and you also need to sell the bike used when children quickly outgrow bikes and need new ones. With Bikeshield will children's bikes look less worn out and thus become easier and sell.

    Bikeshield is produced in a PVC material is a bit thicker than the others on the market and consists of a specially formulated adhesive that is "floating", thus giving the self-healing property that is so unique for SportsCover Bikeshield.

    2x TubeShield large: 500x150mm
    1x StayShield: 250x32mm
    4x HeadShield: 30x20mm
    4x Cable Shield round: 48x10mm
    1x Cable Shield curved: 58x32mm
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    • Ricardo Casanova 09/10/2016
      This the best shield patch for your bike, really awsome and without marks after remove.

    1 review for BikeShield Fullpack oversized matte with an rating of 5 points.
    Factory number:10010-016
    Discontinued model/sale!
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