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AXA Newton Promoto+ 4 chain lock 100cm 10.5mm black

122057 / 8713249244150 / 59506195SS
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  • The AXA Newton Promoto+4 heavy duty chain locks are especially designed for motorized vehicles.
    The shackles of this hardened steel chain have a diameter of 10.5 mm and the padlock has a cylinder with anti drilling plate. The Newton Pro Moto 4 complies with the Dutch ART standard of 4 stars and can be used to insure your vehicle.
    The chain has a high-quality neoprene sleeve that protects your bike from damage. The material does not fray and has sound-insulating qualities.The robust padlock is covered by a strong shock resistant plastic housing with the sophisticated AXA design. The hand operated cylinder cover protects your cylinder from moist and dirt and therefore extends the life span of your lock.

    • Safety level 20
    • Hardened steel padlock with anti drilling cyllinder
    • Complies with the Dutch ART 4 star approval
    • High-quality neoprene sleeve, does not fray, sound-insulating
    • Hand operated cylinder cover to protect from moist and dirt and extend life span
    • International online key service
    • Hardened steel shackles 10,5 mm
    • Length 100 cm
    • Weight: 3180 g
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  • Show all items from AXAAXA is a Dutch-based manufacturer of bicycle components, known for their high-quality and innovative products. The company has been in the business for over 100 years, and has established a reputation for producing reliable and durable components. Their product line includes a variety of products such as locks, lights, and other accessories .

    AXA's bicycle locks are known for their durability and security, with a variety of options available for different types of bikes and situations. The company's lights are designed to provide excellent visibility and safety, with a range of options available for different types of riding. AXA's other accessories include reflectors, pumps, and bags, all designed to enhance the riding experience and make it safer.
ready for sending in 1 business day