AX Lightness Ultra Road 28 Clincher 20/24H Shimano/SRAM 3K

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  • Ultra 28C

    Optional upgrade

    CeramicSpeed Coated bearings - UPGRADE LINK

    Ultra 28C - A completely new development! Thanks to a CfD-optimized rim profile our 28C Clincher rims offer an exceptional aero performance that matches those of significantly deeper rims.

    The low weight, which so far has only been reserved for tubular rimsm makes them miraculous accelerators and very reactive. The high stability is responsible for not wasting a single bit of energy or and a high steering precision.

    The massive width of 26 mm is responsible for a high stability and stifness. The huge internal width of 16.5 mm allows the tire to evolve in a very advantageous shape that not only allows to ride with a lower pressure without bulking under load or in corners, but at the same time increases the comfort and yields a reduction in rolling resistance.

    Each rim us individually tested at a tire pressure of 12 bar prior to release which is a testament to their extreme stability.

    All of this make the Ultra 28C to the absolute king of mountain!

    3K or UD versions

    Besides the established and proven 3K cloth finish our ax road rims now for 2017 also are available in trendy UD finish.
    This does not change anything on the positive properties of our rims, the low weight, the high stability, the moulded spoke holes and the therewith resulting brutally high spoke tensions. Much more it offers the option to harmonize one's bike and components one to the other depending on one's taste.

    Specially processed brake tracks

    In order to cope with the special demands of rim brakes, our rim brake rims take special measures on different level to master these.

    Material-wise we resort to Carbon-Prepreg that is specifically formulated for us. This is a direct derivative of the material we have been using for brake ducts or engine covers for Formula 1 race cars, some of the thermally highest stressed components. A high performance resin system pushes the glass transition point as far off as possible and that way guarantees the highest possible safety. An additional tempering cycle exploits the maximum out of the system.

    New for 2017 our brake tracks of all rim brake rims are now mechanically machined to remove excessive resin so that it is being braked directly on the high performance fibre. As a result our rims no longer require a breaking-in period and already offer a perfect performance from the very first metre.
    Brake specialists Swissstop are supplying specifically made brake pads especially for us and our rims that offer an optimal braking performance in dry as well as wet conditions that all time surpasses the DIN norms. At the same time they are easy on the brake track and reduce the wear to a minimum. The brake pads are included along with all of our rim brake wheelsets.
    Rim wear indicators integrated into the brake track indicate when a rim requires replacement - for this you however have tens of thousands of kilometers time.

    Laminated spoke holes

    Instead of simply drilling the spoke holes of our rims, we take a different approach with our rims: Every single spoke hole is crafted by hand and reinforced with strategically placed reinforcement patches.
    The advantage is obvious: Where carbon is being drilled, one inevitably also cuts through fibres. A continuous fibre flow however is essential for the material to play its advantages such as the high tensile strength, even more indispensable for nipple holes that are exposed to high spoke tensions. Specifically crafted nipple seats allow an optimal orientation of the nipples and at the same time distribute the occurring forces evenly into the rim bed.

    Independent testing at an university lab has confirmed the performance of this time and labour intensive approach: The rim is capable of withstanding nipple pulling forces of over 5000 N - circa twice as much as the best competitor and more than every hub flange or spoke would be able to endure. As a result our rims do not carry any spoke tension limit!

    Us ourselves we are building our wheels with up to 140 kg of a spoke tension: A guarantor for you to have long-lasting joy with your wheels. The higher the spoke tension, the lesser the opportunity for a spoke to be unloaded upon an overload of the wheels (e.g. from a compression such as an obstacle, pothole or anything alike) and the wheels to therewith come out of true. That way you are longer able to ride with your perfectly trued wheels. As an additional advantage there also is minor increase in stiffness to be recorded.
    An effort that pays off!

    Extralite CyberHubs SP / CeramicSpeed Ceramic-option

    Our Ultra wheelset invariably rely on high performance hubs from Extralite. The Italian lightweights are some of the lightest hubs on the market. An intelligent, elaborate construction by means of FEM-analyses are a guarantor for a high durability, reasonable features such as an adjustable bearing play a high suitability for daily use.

    New for 2017 we optionally offer our Ultra wheels with Ceramic hybrid bearings. As we do not settle with the second best, we only offer the highest quality of bearings from CeramicSpeed. The Danish specialists are renowned as the nonplusultra for years and have wins in about every single race globally available in their palmares.


    All of our wheelsets are individually built by hand in our manufacture in Creußen, Bayern, to the tightest tolerances and with extremely high spoke tension. We refrain from the use of wheel building machines and invariably trust on the craftsmanship of specially qualified mechanics. The high experience with high-end-material allows a consistently high quality, the tight tolerance in lateral runout and radial runout a perfect runout and therewith a lot of joy with the wheels.


    • Weight (+/- 5 %) 1150 g/set
    • Rims ax 28C 3K or UD
    • Rim material Full Carbon
    • Tire type Clincher, Tubless
    • Brake type Rim brake
    • Rim depth 28 mm
    • Rim width 26 mm
    • Rim internal width 16.5 mm
    • Hubs Extralite CyberFront SP / CyberRear SP
    • Freehub body Shimano/Sram, Campagnolo
    • Spokes DT Swiss Aerolite, black
    • Nipple DT Swiss Pro Lock hidden, internal
    • Spoke tension front: 100 kgf, rear: 140 kgf
    • Spoke count (f/r) 20 / 24
    • Field of use Road
    • Rider weight limit 100 kg
    • Finish 3K or UD
    • Decal colour white
    • Recommended tire widths 23-28mm
    • Max. recommended tire pressure 23mm 7.5bar; 25mm 7.25bar; 28mm 7.0bar
    • Scope of delivery Carbon-specific brake pads
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