absoluteBLACK hub MTB rear X12 6-bolt disc 32H

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  • absoluteBLACK hub MTB rear X12 6-bolt disc 32H

    • 142x12 10/11spd (268g); 142x12 XD (263g).
    • Rear can be converted to QR135- only new endcaps required.
    • body: cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum
    • Freehub&ratchet: hardened rust proof steel
    • Finish: type II anodizing
    • Destination: Hubs are rated from XC to aggressive Enduro. They will also work great on CX bike. No weight limit.

    Black Diamond hubs are the true pinnacle of modern engineering and cnc capabilities. We use best possible materials and technique to bring what we think one of the most reliable and finesse hubset ever created. We bring you luxury and uniqueness at reasonable price.

    Hubs are designed to meet demands from competitive XC racing to aggresive Enduro riding style. No weight restriction.

    Huge, heavy duty 17x30x7 (6903) ABEC 5 Enduro 2RS cartridge bearings with graphite retainer cages for durability. 4 of them in the rear and 2 up front. Bigger bearings roll smoother and can withstand much higher loads. Our bearings are on average 60g heavier per set than small bearings installed in other very light hubs. 6903 bearing has 450kg of dynamic load capacity. That is 2x more than average smaller bearing mounted in super light hubs. Fear no more of wheel durability when riding big drops.

    We use hardened, rust proof steel for extreme longevity and cassette „dig in” prevention. It’s almost as light as aluminium counterpart, but many times stronger. Individual cogs will not bite into freehub, even when loose. Freehub is rated for 7(dh), 9, 10 and 11(CX) speed cassettes, Sram and Shimano.

    This Worldwide patented mechanism is one of the most reliable out there. Instead of steel springs and pawls we use two powerful, circular magnets to push two ratchets together. All parts in this system are made out of hardened, rust proof steel for uncompromised durability. This ratchet system can tolerate mud, water and other contaminants unlike standard solutions based on pawls. We use 26 Points Of Engagement for a perfect balance between drag and durability (as more POE than that creates more drag and is more fragile for contamination). Design’s greatest strength is its ability to cope with very high load. The reason for it is that you always have 26 points engaged, unlike 2-4 in pawl&spring system. Thanks to „no steel spring” design, this system can work at any temperature with unchanged repelling force on the ratchets! System we use meets great success from over 8 years on the racing field.

    External bearing preload nut in both hubs will keep bearings in optimal condition. Even the most precise machining will not compensate for some assembly stresses caused by lacing the hub. Hence the need for such system to ensure that bearings will work in optimal preload. This preload system requires a special BPS key which can be purchased from here.

    Ratchet system has only one moving part. Rear hub can be disassembled and cleaned by hands.

    Hubs are factory assembled in 142/12 Shimano and 142/12 XD (XX1) configuration. These are by far most common. If you require however to convert them to QR5, please choose additionally a converting kit. Front requires “axle and endcaps” kit and rear only endcaps. All hubs are 32H.
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