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3T Superghiaia LTD road bar

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  • Superghiaia - Gravel Dropbar

    Designed for the most comfort and control on a gravel bike.

    The Superghiaia shape is optimized for comfort regardless where you hold it. The center section comes straight from our award-winning Superergo comfort bar while the corner grip adds a new position of great comfort for climbing. The top section drops curves straight down so the hoods are in the best comfort position, while the extreme flat under the hood creates a wider hand position.

    All these comfort features also increase control, as a proper grip on our handlebars helps you manoeuver better, while the bottom flat and wider hand position give you more leverage.

    Multi Flare: The Superghiaia combines our award-winning Superergo grip with a multi-angled flare. The top section of the drop is standard so the hoods are angled as intended, the lower section has an extreme flare for optimal control.

    Bar widhts: The new design is available in 3 widths. The hood-to-hood widths are in line with standard road bars while the drop-to-drop widths are much wider thanks to the flare.

    Center section: WThe center section is borrowed from our industry-leading Superergo bar. including the corner grip that gives you an extra hand position. Especially on long rides, multiple positions improve comfort.

    • Material: Unidirectional carbon ultralight layup
    • Cable routing: Internal cable channels
    • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
    • Stem torque: 6Nm max. 4 bolt stem/ 8Nm max. 2 bolt stem
    • Shift/brake lever torque: 8Nm max.
    • Clip-ons: Not compatible
    • Di2 compatibility: Fully compatible, including with Di2 bar plug Junction A
    • Finish: Stealth black


    40 42 44
    W1 Hood-to-hood (mm) 400 420 440
    W2 Drop-to-drop (mm) 478 499 519
    R1 Reach (mm) 77 77 77
    R2 Reach (mm) 89 89 89
    D1 Drop (mm) 110 110 110
    Drop & Grip flare multi-angle multi-angle multi-angle
    Weight LTD (+/-4%) (g) 200 202 207
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    • 1x 3T Superghiaia Handlebar
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