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  • Scatto Ltd is a pure track sprinters bar for lite-level track competition. It offers superb control and handling even in the most hectic races. Australian champion Anna Meares has won many races on this bar, including the Olympic sprint gold medal at London 2012.

    Windtunnel tests show that the aerodynamic design produces way less drag than any standard round-section bar. This is achieved at no compromise to strength: Scatto is 50% stiffer than the reference bar formerly used by many of todays medal-winning track sprinters, as well as lighter.

    Its unique, radical design also imparts a stunning visual signature. Scatto Ltd is available in 35-cm width with 128-mm drop, and 37-cm width with 148-mm drop.

    Weight: 370/385 g (35/37 cm)
    Width: 35/ 37 cm
    Clamp: 31.8 mm ∅
    Material: HM carbon-fiber
    Drop: 128 / 148 mm
    Reach: 72 / 82 mm
    Finish: UD Gloss Black
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    • Alison 20/07/2017
      Control, control, control
      The Scattos give me a feeling of so much more control than my old bars. I came very late to bike racing and my confidence in a tight pack increased enormously. Standing starts also seem more fluid. Starbikes had a great price and shipped quickly.

    • Lesterama 06/12/2017
      Mega stiff
      Very stiff, very aero and just beautiful. I never thought bars would make such a difference. I rode alloy bars on the track for years, but am never going back. I went for the 37cm. May try 35cm in time.

    Altogether 2 reviews for 3T Scatto LTD road bar with an average rating of 5 points.
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