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BOR XMD 333 27.5'/650B 28L schwarz

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  • Die BOR XMD 333 Felge ist geöst und für Speichenspannungen bis 1150 Nm zugelassen.
    Sowohl für Schläuche als auch für Tubeless-Systeme geeignet.

    Zulässige Reifendrücke: 1,8 bis 3,5 bar

    ERD-Maß: 542/567/604 mm (26"/650B/29er)


    325 g 26" schwarz
    345 g 26" weiss
    360 g 29" schwarz

    Max. Fahrergewicht: 90 kg
  • Produkt bewerten

    Produkt bewerten

    1 Erfahrungsbericht für BOR XMD 333 27.5'/650B 28L schwarz bei einer Bewertung von 4/5 Punkt.

    • Good rims and very light ones but with some disadvantage.
      I bought these rims for 26" 24/28 holes in August of 2013. The weight of the rims is as described. My weight is 75-80 kg. I liked also the hook of clincher, which is safe enough for tubeless tire mountings unlike Stan's Notubes ZTR rims. I rode 6 years at these rims mostly on the city, but I just found on the rear wheel 3 (of 28) hole eyelets surrounded with small cracks coaxial with rim rotation direction. All three spokes are going to drive side flange of the hub. Front wheel for 24 hole and with radial drive side lacing show no cracks thus far. So, my recommendation is not to tighten the spokes more than 1000 Newton without a tire installed on drive side as these light rims are easy to flat under load. Please note that tese rims are asymmetric, so if properly oriented the difference in spoke tension for drive and non-drive sides is relatively small. Last note: the juncture points of the rims are roughly welded and are not always circular (in my case they are flat) as is the entire rim. Please don't try to fix these irregularities with spoke tension - it won't help. This oddity has no impact on the rolling resistance, though.
         Yuri Bondarenko   
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