AXA Fold 85 Faltschloss inkl. Halter 85cm aus gehärtetem Stahl schwarz

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  • AXA Fold: Fold, Click and Go

    The AXA Fold 85, is a 85 cm modern looking, stylish foldable lock.The AXA Fold 85 comes with a handy holder. This can be mounted to the bottle cage or you can secure it around the bar with the 2 supplied straps. The lock is positioned at the bottom of the holder, so you can easily tilt it out. Since you do not have to slide the lock out of the holder, it fits all frames. Thanks to the revolutionary locking mechanism, the lock is fixed in the holder, so that it doesn’t rattle during cycling.

    Thanks to its flexible joints and its light weight, the lock is extremely easy to use. The lock is made from tempered steel and is resistant to cutting and pulling. The Fold has a convenient click-in function. There is a notch on the side where you can easily insert the lock. As soon as you do that you will hear a clear click. The key can now be removed and it is locked. The lock has a soft casing to prevent any scratches to the frame of your bike. The AXA Fold has a symmetrical key which is very convenient when opening and closing, especially in the dark! The lock also features a dust cover that protects your cylinder against moisture and dust. This is really helps with the durability of the lock.

    • Zulassungen Schloss Sold Secure Bronze (UK)
    • Sicherheitsstufe 9

    Technische Informationen
    • Durchmesser Kettenglied 7 mm
    • Automatisches Einrasten Ja
    • Schließmechanismus Schlüssel
    • Schlüsselservice Ja
    • Anzahl Schlüssel 2
    • Zylinderschutz Ja
    • Geschützt gegen Bohren Ja
    • Farbe primär Schwarz
    • Schlosslänge 85 cm

    Logistische Informationen
    • Produktgewicht 850 gr
    • EAN 8713249263151

    • Inklusive Halter Ja
    • Inklusive Befestigungsteile Ja

    • Safety level 9
    • Extra secure cylinder

    • Soft sides prevent scratching
    • Easy to use bracket
    • Click-in function
    • International key service

    • Length 85 cm
    • Shackels 25 x 7 mm
    • Bracket can be mounted on the bottle holder pivots
    • Bracket can be mounted with straps around frame
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    Hersteller Nummer:59810895SB
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