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AtranVelo Cargo City Vorderrad Gepäckträger schwarz

69687 / 7350006380884 / 1499-41
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    • 14mm Alurohr
    • pulverbeschichtet
    • Befestigung auf der Achse und an der Gabel
    • passt für 26" + 28"
    • mit Lampenhalter
    • max. Tragfähigkeit: 10kg
    • Breite: 32cm
    • Tiefe: 33,5cm
    • Gewicht: 930gr.
    • Neu - jetzt mit Spanngurt
  • Produkt bewerten

    Produkt bewerten

    1 Erfahrungsbericht für AtranVelo Cargo City Vorderrad Gepäckträger schwarz bei einer Bewertung von 3/5 Punkt.

    • Working pretty well now
      It took a little tweaking to get this to fit right to my Dutch bike, a longer screw to attach it to the front fork, and an improvised spacer to distance the bracket on the carrier from the front fork, otherwise it would rub against the cup at the bottom of the head tube. Also the bungee is quite hard to manipulate, to pull over bags and attach to the little lug. This could clearly be done better, with more ways to attach the bungee with different stuff carried - I tried a pack of 6 x 1.25 litre water bottles and the bungee was struggling. Final question mark is the light fitment bracket -- really not sure what kind of light could be fitted to this these days. Ideally we need something better adapted to compact LED lighting. Overall it's quite lightweight and feels pretty sturdy but as to be expected with Chinese manufacture, the weldings are not pretty. Hence why I give this product 3 stars.
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