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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone!

I’m starting up this blog to share my love for cycling. For those of you who read the weightweenies boards, I’m sure you’ve seen me, istigatrice around on the forums.

I grew up in Adelaide, down in Australia. We’re blessed (and sometimes cursed) with great(ish) riding weather year round. I’ve been into cycling since I was 14, and despite riding around on an 8kg road bike I was a serious weightweenie. Currently, I’m at university, which means I’ve got plenty of time for tuning, but not a lot of money to replace broken parts. I love cycling because it offers an escape from the busy weeks and allows my mind to relax. I’m going to write this blog to share both my knowledge and passion for cycling.

I have a strong background in the major sciences and mathematics. Not many cyclists have this background, but it helps in understanding why certain chain degreasers work better than others, or why traditional beliefs about hydration may be flawed. Now, I don’t want to touch some of these controversial topics in my first post, but stay tuned for my humble opinion.

Thanks for coming to check out this blog. I just thought I’d introduce myself, and the purpose of this blog and give you some insight into my background. Hopefully I’ve piqued your curiosity on what’s to come.