LOOK carbon bottle cage

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  • LOOK carbon bottle cage

    • Ultra light bottle cage
    • Carbone elasticity
    • Carbone structure
    • Structure: Carbon HR
    • Colors: Gloss or matt carbone/white
    • Weight: 24 grams
    • Accessories: 2 water bottle cage mount bolts

    Weighing in at a scant 24g, this HR Carbone cage has proven to be not only lightweight, but also durable and secure.

    The elasticity of natural carbone allow this cage to handle most bottle sizes.

    Holds bottles securely in place
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    • LOOK CARBON CAGE 22/06/2016
      Go past the place a bad road surface will slowly come up over the Bar.
      Camelback small bucket Podium Moth customer specification.
      I saw the example that sounds a bit absurd you'm experiencing my own.

      I was with friends the same way Arundel, the tray in the same bucket, just like this was a normal aluminum cage. The only disengages.

      Absurd thing going to put two buckets plug the two are both faster.

      So will the wrong design, not bad.
      Do not buy a water bottle cage. That's the worst price performance.
      We will be back again to find a decent water bottle cage.

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