Xentis SQUAD 2.5

  • Black Matt

    Shiny white

    Silver Line
    The SQUAD 2.5 clincher is the wire tyre model with a patented carbon brake surface, providing the advantages of tube and cover as well as the Xentis carbon braking surface for standard brake pads.

    The light weight is ideal for high ambitions, the low weight has a particularly positive effect on mountainous terrain. The SQUAD 2.5 Clincher is designed for a system weight (rider + complete bike) of up to 120 kg.

    The tubular version of the SQUAD 2.5 can handle up to 16 bar of pressure providing excellent rolling behavior. It's perfect for uphill sprints and only 1.030 g per set make it practically weightless.

    Especially in mountainous terrain, which is why SQUAD 2.5. tubular is predestined for the semi-professional and professional use.

    Braking is of course also on carbon with standard brake pads, the system weight (rider + complete wheel) is up to 120 kg.

    Data sheets:

    Dark Matt Tubular Campagnolo:1045g
    Dark Matt Tubular Shimano: 1045g
    Dark Matt Clincher Campagnolo: 1270g
    Dark Matt Clincher Shimano: 1270g
    ShinyWhite Tubular Campagnolo: 1078g
    ShinyWhite Tubular Shimano:1078g
    ShinyWhite Clincher Campagnolo:1295g
    ShinyWhite Clincher Shimano: 1295g
    SilverLine Tubular Campagnolo: 1016g
    SilverLine Tubular Shimano: 1016g
    SilverLine Clincher Campagnolo: 1242g
    SilverLine Clincher Shimano:1242g
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  • Handmade in Austria
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