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  • Type – compatible with (link to PDF drawing)

    BTL0200 – MTB BSA 68mm, MTB BSA 73mm, Road BSA 68mm (PDF, 1149 KB)
    BTL0201 – Road BB30 PressFit30-68mm, MTB BB30-Pressfit30 (PDF, 802 KB)
    BTL0202 – Road BBright DirectFit-79mm, Road BB30-68mm, MTB BB30-73mm, MTB BB30-85 Specialized (PDF, 1503 KB)
    BTL0203 – Road ITA 70mm (PDF, 453 KB)
    BTL0204 – Road BB86-Pressfit, MTB BB91-41 =(MTB BB92-Pressfit Asymmetrisch, MTB BB92-Pressfit Symmetrisch) (PDF, 1321 KB)
    BTL0205 – MTB PF30DH-Pressfit30 Specialized, Road BB386EVO-Pressfit FSA (PDF, 813 KB)
    BTL0206 – MTB BSA 73mm + E-Type (PDF, 413 KB)
    BTL0207 – Road BBright PressFit-79mm (PDF, 452 KB)
    BTL0208 – Road BB30-OS-Pressfit Specialized (PDF, 492 KB)

    BTL-200 and BTL-206 require the TT05 tool for installation.
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