tune Schwarzes Stück 400 mm ø34.9 mm

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  • Not the lightest carbon seatpost around, but extremely strong.

    350 mm from 110 g
    400 mm from 120 g
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    • James N. 01/06/2016
      Strong, stiff and light; best choice for heavier riders
      Light but strong seatpost. Have used for 2 seasons now; I am a heavy rider at 95 kg, and use on a cross country race bike. Stiff enough to give good power transfer from the seat, but still one of the lighter posts available. Highly recommended, especially as it is rated for just a bit higher load (100kg rider weight for mtb use) than a comparable MCFK (although I believe you could custom order the MCFK to be stronger as well).

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This item is crafted in Germany