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  • THM-Carbones Scapula
    The company THM-Carbones is standing for intransigence concerning lightweight and stable bicycle components. The technical know-how, which was collected by THM in the past years, now leads to the lightest products worldwide.

    Besides the "Scapula" fork, THM is producing further components, which are all presenting record-braking achievements concerning their stiffness-to-weight ratio.
    All products produced by THM-Carbones mark the actual technical maximum and set new standards. For THM, this is more important as to offer cheap and casual conponents.
    THM-Carbones offers exclusivity, fascinating light weight, exceptional quality and the peace of mind that comes from unmatched safety.

    Quality, made in Germany.

    The THM-Carbones Scapula is a carbon fork for racers. It combines exceptional cornering precision and stiffness with very low weight. With its combination of properties and great reliability the Scapula is the right answer to the enormous demands of modern road racing. The lateral stiffness means the fork will not yield under out-of-the-saddle hammering. Fore-aft stiffness, important when braking hard, is at previously unknown levels.

    The secret behind every Scapula fork's performance is in the continuous carbon fibers all the way from the steerer down to the dropouts. Even the dropouts have a carbon fiber core. The wall thickness of steerer and fork legs varies continuously to provide an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. The Scapulas elliptical interior shape is perfect to take on both large forces from direct-on hits as well as side loads. Minute attention to detail during the optimization process lead to sensationally low weight combined with superior stiffness.

    Features of the THM-Carbones Scapula:

    • Continuous fiber orientation
      The THM-Carbones Scapula main carbon fibers run uninterrupted all the way from the top of the steerer down to the dropouts, allowing maximum stiffness and durability at a very low weight. Common carbon fiber forks are made from several parts glued together (e.g. steerer, fork legs, crown, dropouts). In addition, all THM-Carbones Scapula forks use a special kind of fibers. They do come at a higher price, but their superior strength and the resulting doubled stiffness compared to ordinary carbon fiber forks make them the obvious choice for our forks.

    • Varying wall thickness
      In all parts of the Scapula fork, wall thickness and direction of the carbon fibers are carefully chosen depending on the kinds of forces encountered in actual riding conditions. The interior cross-section of the steerer tube, for example is oval instead of round, as the greatest forces a fork is subjected to are from the front. Thus, the “Scapula” forks are both stiffer AND lighter than competitors’ forks with ordinary round steerers.

    • Aluminum crown race
      The lower headset race sits on an aluminum sleeve bonded to the carbon fiber fork crown. Compared to a carbon fiber headset seat, the aluminum sleeve provides a more exact alignment of the headset race and will keep its shape better even after multiple headset changes.

    • Protected brake mount
      The bolt holding the front brake is fixed securely in an insert made from hardened aluminum. Thus, the bolt is not in direct contact with the carbon fiber. The fibers are securely protected, and forces are distributed evenly.

    • No star-fangled nut in the steerer
      There is no need for a crude clamping mechanism with the Scapula. The upper section of the steerer tube has been fitted with large threads. Simply cut the fork to length and insert the supplied adapter. Headset adjustments are made using an ordinary M6 bolt.
      Ordinary designs use a sharp-edged star-fangled nut which is hammered into the steerer or a wedge-type expander. Both designs increase weight and diminish longevity. Not so with Scapula!

    • Carbon fiber dropouts
      For weight reasons, the dropouts of the THM-Carbones Scapula have a carbon fiber core. Aluminum inserts protect the dropout against compression by the axle and quick release. Together, the construction yields a sensationally light part which is fully capable of standing up to every day racing use.

    Technical facts of the THM-Carbones Scapula:
    • Weight: 320 g (0.71 lbs) w/ 200 mm steerer / 355 g (0.78 lbs) w/ 300 mm steerer
    • Steerer diameter: 1 1/8 Zoll
    • steerer length:300 mm; can be cut down to 150 mm min. (330 mm available upon special request)
    • rake: 44 mm
    • length (dropout to crown race): 371 mm
    • max. tire clearance: 25 mm
    • max. permissible total weight: 130 kg (286lbs)
    • Version: THM-Carbones Scapula 300 mm steerer length, shiny
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  • THM Carbones has been awarded with the German seal of quality by federal research organization.

    Since 20 years THM Faserverbund-Technologie GmbH explores the best possible approaches in case to engineer high-performance and state-of-the-art components.

    The exact direction of the carbon fibre along the force flow leads to an optimal use of the material's potential. Hereby THM Carbones has been inspired by the structure of natural bones in case to reach maximum performance in comnbination with least weight of the particular components.

    Finally THM achieved being honored with the German "Innovativ durch Forschung" award.
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