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  • Fibula combines seemingly impossible traits. Weighting only 120g, front and rear, it provides brake power on par with Dura Ace, Red, Super Record & Co. This is possible due to an innovative design concept which implements the exceptional traits of CFRP.

    Front and rear brakes have different leverage ratios according to the brake power required. The front wheel brake with a power increasing lever system permits very high brake forces. The slightly reduced transmission ratio on the rear wheel brake leads to a sensible distribution of power.

    Fibula can be operated with all current brake levers.

    Features & Information

    110 g without brakepads (60g front / 50g rear)

    compatible brakepads:
    All brakepads suitable for Shimano Standard

    compatible brake levers:
    The THM-Fibula racing brake can be used with all brake levers that exhibit a
    leverage ratio of 2:1 and above (brake lever travel : inner brake cable travel), the Fibula is compatible with all prevalent brake levers.

    The brake pads are about 29 mm wide apart in their fully open position.
    That means, rims up to a width of about 26 mm can be used with the fibula.

    Motion ratio brakes:
    1:1,75 front, 1:1,5 rear

    max. permissible total weight:
    110 kg (243lbs)
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    • Baines 26/08/2016
      Super light and just work
      Not much to say about these brakes other than they cost a fortune but look amazing, are super super light weight and more importantly work amazingly well. Easily as good at Dura-ace 9000 brakes. I have to admit they sat on my desk for a week before I fitted them to my bike as they really are a work of art and certainly a talking point in the R&D facility I work in. All we need now is for the direct mount version to be released

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  • THM Carbones has been awarded with the German seal of quality by federal research organization.

    Since 20 years THM Faserverbund-Technologie GmbH explores the best possible approaches in case to engineer high-performance and state-of-the-art components.

    The exact direction of the carbon fibre along the force flow leads to an optimal use of the material's potential. Hereby THM Carbones has been inspired by the structure of natural bones in case to reach maximum performance in comnbination with least weight of the particular components.

    Finally THM achieved being honored with the German "Innovativ durch Forschung" award.
    Discontinued model/sale!
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