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  • SON SONdelux - The new dynamo hub for recumbent and road bikes

    SONdelux (formerly known as 20 R):
    • Round - due to the ball-like shape of the SON SONdelux
    • Reduced - reduced outside diameter, reduced flange separation, reduced weight of only 385 g (compared to 570 g for the regular SON 20)
    • Race-worty - originally designed for wheels up to 20", but in these times of energy-saving LED lights it actually makes sense to use it in 26" and 700C wheels, because the SONdelux has particularly low losses - race - of particular interest for fast riders. In line with this target group, all versions of the SONdelux are also available in black and suitable for radial lacing (except for the disc version)
    • As all SON dynamo hubs the 20 R is reliable even in rough weather conditions and produced in Germany.

    The SONdelux is also available with Center Lock mount.

    SON SONdelux
    The SONdelux is the first hub dynamo generator that is specially designed to match with modern LED-headlights (such as Edelux and B&M Cyo). The advantages of an LED over a halogen bulb is that they are highly efficient at low power.
    This is why it is no longer neccessary to build a dynamo in such a way for it to give its nominal wattage at the lowest possible speed already. The SONdelux is therefore smaller and lighter than a hub dynamo that is made for a halogen lighting system (SON 28).
    The no-load losses decrease when compared with the SON 28 (the most smooth-running standard hub dynamo at present) by 30 to 35% (fig. 1). With lights switched on, using the SONdelux saves about 1 watt of drive power (fig. 2). You can still reach 80 lux with the Edelux at high speeds. How-ever at 10 km/h the Edelux shines brighter than the best halogen headlights at the highest of speeds.
    The SONdelux is as robust as the SON 28 with the same high-qualitiy finish. Naturally there is a 5 year guarantee, as with all Schmidt products. The SON SONdelux is available in bright polished aluminium, anodized black or red in many different spoke drilling options. The version for disc brakes has a center lock mount.

    Technical data of the SON SONdelux dynamo hub
    • Electrical power output: 6V / 3W
    • Certification of the SON SONdelux: K 687 für 16"-28" (400-716 mm) combined with Edelux
    • SONdelux weight: 390 g
    • Spoke drillings: 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 radial lacing permitted
    • Sealing: gap seal and sealing ring, pressure compensation system
    • Colours of the SON SONdelux: silver polished, anodized black or red
    • Hub body: aluminium 6082 T6
    • Bearings: deep groove ball-bearing 629-2RSH
    • Axle ends: stainless steel
    • Axle: hollow axle, Ø 10 mm, aluminium 7075 T6
    • Connection: 4.8 mm tab connector, double-pole, potential-free
    • SONdelux Magnet rotor: neodymium-iron-boron magnets, 26 poles
    • No-load loss of the SONdelux: 0.4 W at 15 km/h in 700c wheel
    • Efficiency:of the SONdelux: 65% at 15 km/h in 700c wheel

    Included in delivery
    • 1x SON dynamo hub SONdelux

    Miscellaneous[list][*]Manual: SON SONdelux

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    • JamesAU 22/05/2013
      The bike from my wife was equipped with this dynamo hub (my touring bike has a Supernova dynamo) and I'm totally satisfied... the performance is really good.

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