ROTOR 3D24 Road 110mm BCD compact

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  • Features & Information
    • 530 g for 170 mm / 543 g for 175 mm
    • 170, 172, 175 mm
    • 100% CNC, extruded, T6 7075
    • Q-Factor 148 mm, Chain line 43,5 mm
    • Ultra stiff steel 24 mm UBB axle
    • Compatible with BSA, ITA, BB86, BB90, BB94, BB30 and BBRight frames
    • For all 110 BCD 10&11 speed, oval & round chainrings.
    Our famous 3D crank is now renewed to stay as a benchmark. It’s structure was lightened by means of triple drilling technology and “Closed Clamp Concept” technology makes the crank lighter and stiff. BCD 130 (aero) and Track BCD 144 options available.
    The 3D continues to lead the 24mm crankset market in terms of technology, performance and rigidity. It is ROTOR’s most lauded crankset, having helped athletes that rode it to win three grand tour jerseys and no less than 15 UCI elite world champion titles.

    Trinity Drilling System
    Its bombproof trinity drilled crank arms resist bending and twisting forces better than classic hollow tube crank designs can, and feature an intelligent clamping system; the closed clamp concept (CCC). A CCC comes out of our CNC machines in its closed position, being placed under strain only briefly during installation when the clamp is forced open and on tightening the bolt in returning to its nominal low-strain closed shape. All other systems on the market are placed under strain by installation.

    Universal Bottom Brackets
    The UBB (Universal Bottom Brackets) system is not a standard; It’s all standards. It allows installation of almost any 30 or 24mm axle crank from ROTOR on the bike you have, regardless of its BB type. ROTOR’s “UBB” super-standard encompasses all BB standards.
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  • Why Q-rings?
    Biomechanical studies indicate that the effort made with Q-Rings becomes a greater performance and pedaling feeling more rounded and smooth due to their ability to make a better use of the strongest muscle groups while they also compensate the dead spot in pedaling.
    Q-Ring-Round Ring Comparison
    Far from feeling unusual, a Q-Ring feels much rounder than a round ring. A spinscan analysis visualize a cyclists power delivery, with a bar graph indicating the variation from maximum to minimum output and a polar graph showing the rotating shape of the power profile.

    By comparing the left hand Round chainring spinscan and the right hand Q-Ring spinscan below, one can see that Q-Ring graphs are clearly smoother (less variation in torque in the bar graph) and fuller (less of a peanut shape at the weakest point).
    When one projects a polar plot of a typical spinscan over the varying drivetrain resistance of a 53t Q-Ring during its rotation, the value of a Q-Ring is clearly visible: Maximum power is met with a “56,5t” Time trial sized chainring diameter and minimum power is met with a “50,4” compact size chainring diameter.
    This variation creates the “perfect spin” we all aspire to, that simply isn’t possible with round chainrings. This is because Q-Rings compensate for the weakest zone of the pedalling stroke and maximize use of the most powerful zone.
    Key benefits (based on ROTOR study)
    • All Q-ring TT’s were faster, with an average gain of 1.6 sec and 0.7 km/h (1.8%).
    • All Q-Ring TT’s generated more power, with average increase of 26.7 W (6.2%)
    • Reduced oxygen consumption and heart rate in submaximal tests
    • An immediate performance increase on switching from round rings to Q-Rings
    • An immediate performance reduction on switching back to round chainrings
    • It also appears that the more effort a cyclist exerts, the greater the benefit of Q’s

    Please see this article for more detailed information.
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  • Attachements
    Front derailleur adjustmentsinstruction manual
    517.09 KB
    Which bottom bracket do I need?instruction manual
    894.62 KB
    Which bottom bracket do I need?instruction manual
    894.62 KB
    Q-Ring adaption guide / Starting with Q-Ringsinstruction manual
    194.47 KB
    Q-Ring adaption guide / Starting with Q-Ringsinstruction manual
    108.76 KB
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