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  • From left to right: Cannondale, 3rd party frame Lefty, 3rd party frame Lefty Tapered 1.5 1 1/8" Mcfk Lefty steerer

    Lefty forks are becoming ever more popular.

    Rightly so, Mcfk believes. Therefore Mcfk have the fitting tube for almost every frame. Mcfk's Lefty tubes are available in 3 different versions.

    Each of them is manufactured with absolute precision so that any compatibility issues are precluded from the beginning. Besides, the stability of these tubes defies the conditions of any harsh all-mountain mission.

    However, their weight is amazingly low.

    For 1.5“ Cannondale frame:
    Frames to Fatty or Lefty standard leave the customer no choice but to use tubes and stems to Cannondale standard. Mcfk offers you a much more light-weight and individual alternative to enable you to fit the common and lighter 1 1/8” stems. The stiffness and stability of the tube stem system are not impaired.
    Weight: 82g
    For conventional 1 1/8“ frames.
    Most mountain bike frames have a 1 1/8“ steering head. You can install a Lefty on these as well. However, note that the Lefty bridge distance is 137.7mm. Your frame should not be higher than that, including the steering head. If it is, you need a Lefty XL (tall) with 163mm bridge distance. To compensate for short steer tubes you should install a spacer.
    Weight: 85g
    For new tapered frames.
    If your frame is manufactured to the new tapered standard, i.e., 1 1/8“ on top and 1 1/2“ at the bottom, we also have the fitting tube for this
    and you need not fall back on any special reducing tube steering head. This tube looks similar to the Cannondale frame but has a more perfect fit of the bearing for tapered tube heads. Here again: the frame, including the steering head, should not be higher than 137.7 mm for a Lefty.
    Weight: 75 g
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