Mcfk carbon saddle UD shiny 125mm

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  • Seating comfort without compromise

    The latest generation of our carbon seats is even more light-weight, comfortable and durable than before. Besides, we now supply our seats also with a hard-wearing leather cover and comfortable pad. The weights are breath-taking – 67 grams without pad and 88 grams with full cover – with that stability and comfort!

    The basis of the extraordinary comfortable seat is the enormous stability and very flexible seat cover. Despite its weight, the seat cover is not too narrow but of a comfortable width of 125 - 135 mm and with deep laying round edges offers a perfect transition to our carbon seat stays.

    These have a highly oval shape and gain extra stability due to the special fiber orientation and reinforcements and resist any potholes and bumps on or off-road.
    Unlike the seat with base, the traditional stay construction of our carbon seats allows the fixing of seat bags.

    • Material: Carbon
    • Design: Design 3K - twill fabric - bright
    • Design 3K - twill fabric - matt
    • Weight: 66 g without leather
    • Size of the seating area: L x W x H 260 mm , 130mm, 64 mm
    • Size of the rails: 7 x 9 mm
    • Range of adjustment: 80 mm
    • Max. rider weight: 100 kg (other are possible on request)
    • Range of use: Wihtout limitation
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    • Steven 20/08/2013
      Great (light)weight and really comfortable through the flexibility of the carbon. I've already ridden the tune komm vor and the tune concorde. They both don't flex at all. But the design of the tune saddles is a little better.

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    Discontinued model/sale!
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This item is crafted in Germany
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