Mcfk Carbon Derailleur Clamp

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    With this light-weight and great looking clamp you can use your derailleur without heavy aluminum clamp and therefore save a lot of weight. In comparison with conventional derailleur clamps or derailleurs with integrated clamp, load is taken off the frame and the latter treated more gently by the large contact area of our carbon clamp. The derailleur clamp is available in two different carbon looks. You can choose from among four different colors of precision titanium screws. An additional black titanium washer gently distributes the clamping forces of the screws into the derailleur clamp.

    Before you order, please take the exact measurement of your frame at the place of installation several times because Mcfk needs your information to the tenth of a millimeter for manufacture. Many manufacturers give a frame dimension of 34.9 mm whereas, in reality the dimension is quite different, e. g., 34.7, 35.3 or even more, which is due to the application of several layers of paint. Deviations as large as this mean that the clamping slot opening is 1.3 mm too wide, which will damage your derailleur clamp or even the frame.

    • Please define the color of the screw in the comment field!
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    Mcfk Carbon Derailleur Clampinstruction manual
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    Mcfk Carbon Derailleur Clampinstruction manual
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