Continental Grand Prix 4000 S 23-622 (700x23C) black BlackChili

  • The all black Grand Prix 4000 S catches the eye with its big silver labels. Aggressive and posh alike it matches every high-end racebike perfectly. With the reduction to black and silver the Grand Prix 4000S does not clash with the frames` colour or rim stickers. S stands for sport, special and “schwarz“ – the german term for black.

    But the Grand Prix 4000 S can do more than just look good. With the new Black Chili Compound rolling resistance is reduced by 26%, grip is increased by 30% and mileage is increased by 5%.

    German magazine TOUR has featured a comprehensive road tyre test, covering many aspects of tyre performance, even including 'real time' wet grip where their human tester donned motorcycle leathers and pushed his specially adapted test bicycle to the limit on each different set of tyres.
    The Continental GP4000s was a clear winner by performing well in all areas. The test was won in 2007, 2008, 2009 (in 2010 the limited version GP 4000 RS was unbeatable).

    Not only the German magazines are cocksure! The magazine BICYCLING from the USA announced:

    “This is not only the best Conti ever but, all things considered, one of the best tires ever made.“

    Fast, smart, special

    The Grand Prix 4000s boasts global appeal as the best all round race bike tyre on the market. Not only is it fast and super grippy, thanks to its state of the art Black Chili rubber compound, but it is also tough with a healthy tread layer and of course our Vectran™ anti puncture breaker layer underneath.

    So for reliability, longevity and all out performance for your race machine, the GP 4000s is the only choice.

    • 3 plies/ 330 tpi + Vectran Breaker
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