Busch & Müller Toplight Line brake plus BrakeTec

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  • The Toplight Line brake plus features the new BrakeTec brake light.

    An integrated processor monitors the signals of the dynamo hub. If the frequency goes rapidly down suddenly, the rear light shines considerably brighter to signal the traffic behind you that you're braking.

    Which version you need (50 or 80 mm) depends on the distance of your rear carrier's fixation holes.

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    • Bogdan F 25/09/2014
      All-in-one rear light, very efficient as a tail-light and as a brake-light, bright, elegant, compact.
      This is not just an ordinary tail-light, this is an impressive all-in-one rear gadget. Includes a reflector, to be safe even when the lights are off; includes a normal tail-light, powered by two LEDs and a prism system which creates a continuous bright red line; in addition, it has a very efficient brake light which is turning on 0.5 seconds after you start braking (it has an integrated processor which will double the light output when the frequency of the electrical impulses from the dynamo is significantly decreasing).

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