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  • The Busch & Müller LUXOS is the first LUMOTEC with IQ2 technology.
    Humongous power. New features. Never before the lust for light was so intense.

    Near range panorama lightxx
    90 Lux floodlightx
    Handlebar switchxx
    Cache batteryxx
    USB charging optionxx
    LICHT24 daytime lightxxx
    Parking lightxxx
    Sensor automaticxxx
    Rear light monitoringxx
    two power levels 60/140 Luxx

    IQ2 technology
    Busch & Müller pushes the envelope for LED lights with its new lamp and reflector design: 70 Lux (E-Bike version 140 Lux), a beam twice as wide than before and maximum homogeneity. A new dimension for dynamo-powered lights – so wide, so far, so impeccable bright.

    Panorama nearfield light
    Excellent and wider than ever: straight in front of your bike and even beside the bike beyond the edges of the road.
    Technology: additional special LEDs, electronically controlled.
    The full power of all light sources. Ideal for difficult conditions in deepest darkness. Switcheable by the push of a button. Works to flash the light during the day or as full light while standing.

    USB charging option (179U/179E)
    An USB receptacle is integrated into the handlebar switch. Charges mobile devices via USB (mobile phone, GPS receiver, MP3 players) with USB power. The cache battery inside the lamp (see below) provides constant charging power.

    Handlebar switch (179U/179E)
    Now you can control your light directly. All important light functions can be switched at your handlebar: On/Off, floodlight, flash the light, etc.

    Integrated Lithium cache battery (179U/179E)
    This additional power storage is used for power peaks and for the charging current. It charges itself while you ride. The charging condition is displayed by an LED on the handlebar switch.

    LICHT24. The daytime light
    Signal LEDs that shine towards the front. The sensor automatic switches to maximum daytime light when it's bright and to maximum driving light when it's dark.

    Automatically. The special LEDs are optimised so that other road users notice you. Can be disabled by the handlebar switch.

    Rear light monitoring (179U/179E)
    A control LED indicates if an installed rear light works.

    With clip-on front reflector.
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    • JessyLopez 22/05/2013
      Great manufacturing and the performance is absolutely awesome..

    • Jon Richard 28/06/2013
      Expecting a great product.
      I have talk with several people regarding this light and all are very pleased. I can't wait to get it installed on my LHT.

    • Martinák Szabolcs 16/10/2013
      The best I have ever seen
      This is a very useful headlight for all type of bikers.
      I want it now!!

    • mark t 19/12/2013
      the best there is..

    • Derek Blakeslee 20/03/2014
      get it
      This light is awesome.
      I'm gonna buy a second one!

    • Andrew F 09/09/2014
      An amazing light, which can be paired with a rear light and also power your phone/computer via USB

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