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  • The Zeus provides convincing performance with divine power.
    All of our fibre composite material expertise comes to fruition here. And it's needed here because stems are subject to all kinds of force and tension. In addition to easy-to-handle flexural moments, torque and locking force must also be controllable. These requirements are reflected in a manufacturing method developed especially for this cycle component that maximally leverages the potential of the composite materials.

    It is characterized by the uninterrupted fibre pattern that extends from the handlebar through to the fork clamp via the parting planes of the tool mould. The stem has no weak points and scores with consistent stiffness across its entire length. This is most easily seen in out-of-the-saddle pedalling. Consequently, the clamp is responsible for the impressively low weight of the stem, whose constructive minimalism easily and effectively keeps the fork and handlebar in check. These integral concepts are the only way to achieve these weights and optimal distribution of tension within the compound, which is why threading is a side effect that must be accepted when assembling the handlebar.

    Thanks to the carbon material, the innovative construction is exceptionally stable yet feather-light – a stem for a true STW (stiffness to weight) miracle. Intramodular fibres are used intentionally as the stem is a safety-related component that only shows safety potential through its fibres and a matrix of premium quality that also meets the requirement of achieving minimal weight. In conjunction with a special epoxy matrix and unlike their ultra modular or ultra-high modular counterparts, they demonstrate a more forgiving behaviour at rupture and do not exhibit abrupt or brittle breakage characteristics. Loads are distributed across larger areas and strain concentrations are reduced. Years of conscientious development and the latest inspection and testing procedures have so convinced us of this product's performance that we even use it in MTB.

    Weight68-79 g +/- 5%
    Fork column diameter28,6 mm
    Fork clamp diameter25.4mm (MTB), 26,0 mm (Straße)
    Available length 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm
    Angle+/-7 Grad
    Mounting height43 mm
    Clamp width40 mm
    Body100% carbon
    ScrewsTitanium Ti6Al4V (DIN 3.7165), rolled thread
    Barrel nutsEN AW-7075 (DIN 3.4365) aluminium
    Area of useStreet, MTB
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    • Mark Wall 27/05/2014
      A must for your bike
      Bought this incredible stem along with AX lightness bars, Phoenix seat and Europa seat post. Very impressed with stiffness and of course weight. A bit expensive but this is a must for any bike that you thought can not be improved upon.

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    'Made in Germany' has always been exemplary for quality products made in Germany and is considered a seal for quality worldwide.

    AX Lightness goes one step further: Our new icon 'laminated in Germany' symbolizes our hand-laminated way of production - off the mass production. In our ax-lightness manufacturing we produce hand-made individual and unique specimens, except for the occasional carefully-selected machine processes.
    And even during the final inspection of a production process, we trust the instincts of our experienced employees.Particularly in times of increasing globalisation, great importance is attached to manufacturing in Germany with regard to quality requirements of international customers.
    The business location Germany and the use of high-quality raw materials such as high-performance fibres which are not available in low-wage countries, give birth to outstanding products on the one hand and secure the future of our jobs on the other. For Axel Schnura, it is important to give Germany a perspective for the future, to assume responsibility for his employees and to make secure the new generation’s future.
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    AX Lightness Zeusinstruction manual
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