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  • HERA - MTB-lightweight

    With its stress-tested construction the ax.Hera is the epitome of all that is technologically possible today: Stable and secure without wasting a single gram. This makes the AX.HERA the choice for anyone searching for maximum functionality and minimum weight.

    It features a UD finish, the area around the stem clamp is also roughened and reinforced in order to securely attach it to the stem and absorb the locking force of the stem. The Hera is internally butted with stress-tested wall thicknesses that extend to the ends of the handlebar in order not to waste a single gram.

    However, this means that you cannot use bar ends with Hera products – if you wish to use bar ends the ax.Poseidon is the right model for you. Approved for MTB cross-country and marathon – not suitable for downhill use.
    Finish3k, UD, Spiky3k, UD, SpikyUD
    Gewicht55 - 80 g (abhängig von der Breite) +/- 5%60 - 100 g (abhängig von der Breite) +/- 5%70-100 g (abhängig von der Breite) +/- 5%
    Lenkerklemmdurchmesser25,4 mm25,4 mm31,8 mm
    Erhältliche Breiten460 - 620 mm560 - 720 mm560 - 660 mm
    Winkel 6° und 8°
    Bar End kompatibelneinneinnein
    Fahrergewichtsbeschränkung85 kg85 kg85 kg
    EinsatzbereichMTB Cross-CountryMTB Cross-CountryMTB Cross-Country
    Aufklebererhältlich in den Versionen: grün/weiß und silber
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    • Yuntai KIM 28/10/2013

      I want to buy a 3K, 25.4mm,460mm, 4' option.
      But not on the list.
      Please make options.

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  • AX Lightness logo-stickers for all items are as standard available in the following colors:
    silver, white, white/green, green (in a limited amount).

    If you want a special color, then you can chose between all Oracal 751c sample colors. This will trigger an addition of 20 Euro.

    If you don't specify a color, all items will be delivered with white stickers!
    'Made in Germany' has always been exemplary for quality products made in Germany and is considered a seal for quality worldwide.

    AX Lightness goes one step further: Our new icon 'laminated in Germany' symbolizes our hand-laminated way of production - off the mass production. In our ax-lightness manufacturing we produce hand-made individual and unique specimens, except for the occasional carefully-selected machine processes.
    And even during the final inspection of a production process, we trust the instincts of our experienced employees.Particularly in times of increasing globalisation, great importance is attached to manufacturing in Germany with regard to quality requirements of international customers.
    The business location Germany and the use of high-quality raw materials such as high-performance fibres which are not available in low-wage countries, give birth to outstanding products on the one hand and secure the future of our jobs on the other. For Axel Schnura, it is important to give Germany a perspective for the future, to assume responsibility for his employees and to make secure the new generation’s future.
  • Attachements
    AX Lightness Herainstruction manual
    7.51 MB
    AX Lightness Herainstruction manual
    7.57 MB
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